Applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered for the post-doctoral fellowship:

Applicant has successfully completed a Ph.D. degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering within the past five years.

Applicant has an overall average of A- or higher (GPA of 9.0 on a 12-point scale, or equivalent).

Applicant has a strong background in and knowledge of heritage conservation.

Applicant has a good work ethic and strong skills in research, writing, leadership and presentation.

Applicant has submitted a research proposal that:

  • addresses the development of digital workflows for heritage conservation;
  • explores and exploits one or more of the following techniques: BIM, digitally assisted fabrication; digitization in aerial, terrestrial or marine environments; or building performance simulation;
  • includes an internship component;
  • sets out a realistic schedule for achieving the project within the one-year time-frame of the fellowship; and
  • is coherent, persuasive and well-presented.

One of the following Carleton University professors has agreed to act as the applicant’s supervisor:

  • Mariana Esponda (Architecture)
  • Jeffrey Erochko (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Stephen Fai (Architecture)
  • Jeremy Laliberté (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)
  • David Lau (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Liam O’Brien (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Mario Santana (Civil & Environmental Engineering).

The required components of an application for the post-doctoral fellowship are listed here.

The Online Application Form is here.