To apply to the Master’s or Ph.D. program, an applicant must submit:

  1. Applicant’s CV (maximum 3 pages) outlining:
    • academic background;
    • professional/work experience;
    • research experience; and
    • other relevant accomplishments and skills.
  2. Applicant’s motivation letter (maximum 2 pages) setting out:
    • level of awareness and interest in heritage conservation and built environment sustainability;
    • proficiency and record in: academic, research, leadership and presentation;
    • motivation for applying for the program; and
    • research intentions in at least one of the three research tracks.
  3. Applicant’s work sample, either in writing (1000-3000 words) or design project (up to 10MB) or a combination.
  4. Applicant’s academic transcript (PDF).
  5. One reference (maximum 2 pages, can be the same one used for entry to the Masters- or Ph.D.-level degree program) comprising:
    • a signed letter from the referee that addresses the applicant’s:
      • academic ability and record;
      • research ability and record;
      • teaching and language ability;
      • creativity;
      • professional experience;
      • work ethic; and
      • accomplishments, skills and strengths; and
    • Please note, we are no longer requiring a referee’s confidential appraisal form as we are experiencing technical difficulty with this form.

Items A-D can be submitted online using the Online Application Form.

Item E (reference letter) must be submitted to the program by your referee, by emailing the Program Coordinator, Laurie Smith, at .

Pre-selected applicants will also be interviewed before an admission decision is made.