Throughout our Changemaker pilot program in the fall of 2021, Carleton University students were enabled to think outside the box and utilize their unique set of skills to pursue and apply towards their passions. Here is what a group of 4 Aerospace Engineering Students put together throughout the semester during our Changemaker program:

Hayden Arms, Nikhil Srivastava, Parker Stewart, and Ryan McPherson are a group of Carleton University Aerospace Engineering students who over the course of a semester came together to conceptualize a software that allows for decreased wildfire response times. Their solution was developed out of their shared passion for the outdoors and desire to preserve it. The wildfire software uses data provided by Wildfire Canada which predicts the future movement of wildfires. In doing so, the appropriate authorities will know which regions to protect and proactively allocate resources for them. This software would provide both response teams and residents with advanced warning and allow for timely evacuation.

Authors: Brendan McGann & Alexander Zelenski

Graphics: Alexander Zelenski