Throughout our first Changemaker pilot program, students were enabled to think outside the box and utilize their unique set of skills to pursue their passions. To see what a few of the students put together throughout the semester, here are a few of our Changemaker 1 success stories:

Kashyap Achar – Clover

The first up is Kashyap who is a 4th-year computer science student whose passion lies with innovation and entrepreneurship. He is constantly looking to engage in creative and out-of-the-box ways of thinking. During the Changemaker program, Kashyap’s takeaway was how the program allowed students to take an idea and see where it could best be used and implemented, and ultimately understand how it impacts people. Check out Kashyap’s project below:

Ritika Bhatia & Abigail Meloche – PowHERStem

Next is Ritika and Abigail, both from different disciplines and stages in their academics came together with a common goal of wanting to help women in STEM fields. Through the Changemaker program, they found themselves enabled to pursue their passions and use their skills in new and exciting ways. Check out their project below:

Nicole Gluzman & Ezhil Isaac – Saving our oceans, one river at a time

Lastly, Nicole and Ezhil are students who are passionate about innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. Throughout the Changemaker program they both stepped out of their comfort zone to develop a multifaceted solution that addressed not 1, but 2 UN SDG’s. The “Saving Our Oceans, One River at a Time” program involves engagements of various stakeholder groups as well as working with already existing programs to target the issue of inadequate waste management. Check out their project below:

Authors: Brendan McGann & Alexander Zelenski

Graphics: Alexander Zelenski