Kailash Mital was born in India and came to Canada in 1968. Mr. Mital was educated at the University of Punjab where he obtained his Master’s degree in Political Science. He continued his education at the British Institute of Management where he pursued studies in business administration and at the College of Education at the University of Toronto. A teacher and entrepreneur, Mr. Mital has launched many successful business ventures. He is dedicated to the Ottawa community and remains an avid supporter of education and entrepreneurship.

Together with his wife Nandi, Mr. Mital has established a long history of philanthropy at Carleton University, creating a number of scholarships for small business and entrepreneurship. Keeping with this tradition, Mr. Mital supported the renaming initiative of the Alumni Theatre A in Southam Hall. In honour of his dedication to Carleton University, the Kailash Mital Theatre was officially unveiled on September 29, 2007.

“Carleton University is a microcosm of the larger Canadian society. The multiculturalism that is embedded into the very fabric of this world-class university is evident as you walk the halls or attend ethnically diverse functions and events. Here, people of all backgrounds are provided with an equal opportunity to educate themselves, pursue their dreams, and fulfill their goals. There are no barriers to achieving the type of education you want at Carleton other than one’s own personal limits. That is why Carleton University is so near and dear to my heart.” – Kailash Mital