The Kailash Mital Theatre is a fully equipped performance theatre featuring state of the art sound and lighting systems.  An experienced staff with over 50 years of experience in all manner of events including theatre, dance, opera, variety/cultural shows and concerts is available for technical consultation.

There is also a headset intercom for backstage communication, as well as Green Room and Dressing Rooms with video and audio feed from stage.

The theatre has a dance floor available, and boasts a projection screen that covers the full width of stage. It is also fully air-conditioned.

Technical consultation is available for your event. The KMT has experienced staff with over 50 years of experience in all kinds of events. Events hosted include Theatre, Dance, Opera, Cultural Shows and concerts of all types and sizes.

Features Summary
444 Seats Green Room & Dressing Rooms with audio/video link to the stage Full size cyclorama on back wall for led lighting effects
Proscenium orientation Headset intercom for backstage communication Direct on stage loading
Excellent acoustics Projection screen covering full width of stage Air-conditioning