The Landon Pearson Resource Collection

The Landon Pearson Resource Collection contains over 14,000 documents related to children’s rights. Please click here to search the collection through the MacOdrum Library portal at Carleton University. All materials are held in A Tower, Room 735 Loeb Building. Please call to make an appointment to access the resources.  613-520-2600 ext. 1342.

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  • “Landon Pearson Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights”. Conversation with Landon Pearson Part 1 of 3 onYouTube
  • “Articles from the Convention on the Rights of the Child”. Conversation with Landon Pearson Part 2 of 3 on YouTube
  • The Study of Childhood in Russia and Other Cultures”. Conversation with Landon Pearson Part 2 of 3 on YouTube

Publications by Landon Pearson

​This list of publications includes reports, classroom resources, books, chapters in books and journal articles that have been written, edited, compiled by Landon Pearson, either solely or with others.

2015. 20th anniversary of the First World Congress Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children Report. Stockholm +20: Looking Back, Moving Forward .pdf

2012.  Shaking the Movers: A Model for Collaborative Consultation with Children and Youth on Public Policy. (New pdf report)
Abstract : Shaking the Movers is a model of child and youth participation that respects all these requirements and can be adapted for any situation in which collaborative consultation with young people is vital for the elaboration of effective public policy.

2012. From Strength to Strength: The Interrelated Rights of Women and Children over the Life Cycle. (English: pdf)
Abstract : The Honourable Landon Pearson delivered the Florence Bird Lecture on International Women’s Day 2012 (poster).  The Florence Bird Lecture is one of the major lecture series at Carleton University, named in honour of Senator Florence Bird who served as the Chair of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women (1967-1970). Each year, the Lecture features a prominent woman and highlights her important work in her respective field. Topics have varied significantly over the years, but have always focus on areas of particular concern to women’s struggles for an equitable and just society.  Previous speakers have included the Honourable Monique Bégin, Madeleine Parent, Dr. Glenda Simms, Judy Rebick, Maureen O’Neill, Maureen McTeer, The Honourable Susan Whelan, Nelofer Pazira and “Jane Doe”.

2010 Media Awareness Network.  Shaking the Movers: Youth rights and media.  Ottawa (English link to website and link to French website)
Abstract : A classroom resource on media and children’s rights. The teaching unit, which encourages students to examine how the Convention on the Rights of the Child relates to their media use, was developed by the Media Awareness Network in partnership with the Landon Pearson Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights, Canadian Teachers’ Federation and UNICEF.

2009 UNICEF.  Not There Yet: Canada’s implementation of the General Measures of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Florence, UNICEF (pdf on UNICEF website)
Abstract : This report recalls the recommendations made by the Committee on the Rights of the Child and by Canada’s Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights to bolster Canada’s legal and institutional arrangements to build a truly protective and rights-enabling framework for all children. This study was conducted by Landon Pearson, O.C. and Tara M. Collins, and prepared as a collaborative effort of the Landon Pearson Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights, Carleton University, Ottawa. The publication was jointly promoted by the UNICEF Canada and the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre.

2009 Parliament of Canada. The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.  Presentation to the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights (link to proceedings on Parliament of Canada website)

2009 Vanier Institute of the Family. Raising the Status of Children: Based on an Interview with Landon Pearson.  Transition: Autumn 2008 Edition (written by Elaine Lowe) [pdf]

20007 Parliament of Canada. Children: The Silenced Citizens [pdf] Also in French:
Les enfants: des citoyens sans voix [pdf]

2004 Government of Canada. A Canada Fit for Children.  [pdf]
Un Canada digne des enfants [pdf]

2002  Centre for Children, Youth and Citizenship.  [proposal dated 2002]

2001  A Commissioner for Canada’s Children. [proposal dated 2001]

1997 DFAIT. Seen and Heard: Children’s Rights as Foreign Policy Concern.  Ottawa.  ((link to website and pdf).  Also in French: Présence et affirmation des droits de l’enfant dans la politique étrangère (website and pdf)

Other Resources:

Child Soldiers Index (2021). Created by Geoffrey Pearson  Available here