CRAN – The Child Rights Academic Network

CRAN is a broad network of academics, advocates, children’s rights and legal experts from across Canada, the U.S. and U.K. who are involved in teaching, researching, and advocating for children’s rights. The Landon Pearson  Centre established CRAN in 2008, with support from the Muttart Foundation and the Centre For Initiatives on Children, Youth and Community. The Muttart Foundation continues their generous funding of this initiative. 

Annual Conference

With the support of the Muttart Family Foundation, CRAN members, who are children’s rights scholars and advocates, meet in Ottawa each year with the express purpose to respond to the concerns and questions raised by young people who attended the previous year’s Shaking the Movers workshops. Young people set the agenda for CRAN meetings each year.  CRAN also develops concrete plans for current and future rights-based activities and pursues collaborative research initiatives with a view to building an active, effective and lasting network. To view CRAN meeting proceedings, follow the links below. 

CRAN’s inaugural meeting took place in Ottawa on November 22, 2008.   

CRAN 2023 will take place April 28-29, 2023.  This year’s theme:  A World Fit for Children.

CRAN 2022:   April 29-30th, 2022.  The Landon Pearson Centre hosted a hybrid conference. Programme available here

CRAN 2021: While this year’s in-person meeting was cancelled, we held two on-line meetings to share challenges and successes in our experiences working with children and young people during the pandemic:

     i)February 5, 2021:   Click on links to see presentation slides:  Joan Durrant Positive Parenting Program U-ReportCRAN2021LisaWolff  SaraAustinCRAN2021  

   ii). June 4, 2021:   Click on link to read Landon Pearson’s opening remarks – Remarks June 2021

CRAN 2020:  February 14-15, 2020  This year’s theme:  Children’s Rights and Education:  Respecting Children’s Rights at School.

CRAN 2019:  February 8-9, 2019    This year’s theme:  children’s rights and discrimination.   Special guest:   Dr. Assefa Bequele, Founder and Executive Director of the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) to Canada.  Click here  for Dr. Sue Bennett’s presentation on Discrimination, Health Care and LGBTQQ2SIA+ Youth.  

CRAN 2018:   February 2 -3, 2018.  This year’s theme:  children on the move.  

CRAN 2017:  January 27-28, 2017
This year’s theme:  children’s rights and climate change.

1. ERIC (Ethical Research Involving Children).  Click here
2. Ethics and Research with Young People in Challenging Contexts, Bray et al (2014).  Click here
3. “Teens Sue Government for Failing to Address Climate Change.” Click here. 
4. Sue Bennett 2017 CRAN presentation. Click here. 

CRAN Proceedings: Responses to Shaking the Movers workshops


  • CRAN 2020:  Children’s Rights in Schools (pdf)
  • CRAN 2019:  Children’s Rights and Discrimination(pdf)
  • CRAN 2018:  Children On The Move (Toronto, Ottawa, East Coast, Quebec) and STM-BC’s theme -Climate Change and Displacement (pdf)
  • CRAN 2017:  Climate Change (Toronto, East Coast, Quebec) (pdf)
  • CRAN 2016: Responses to STM Exploitation VIII (2014) and Sexual Exploitation IX in 2015 [Ontario and BC reports] (pdf). 
  • CRAN 2015: Response to the Shaking the Movers VII: The Right to Play (pdf).
  • CRAN 2014: Response to the Shaking the Movers VI: Children’s Mental Health workshop (pdf).
  • CRAN 2012: Response to the 2011 Shaking the Movers V workshop: Youth Justice  (pdf).
  • CRAN 2010 Response to the Shaking the Movers IV workshop on Children and the Media (pdf) .
  • CRAN 2009 Response to the Shaking the Movers III workshop on Child Rights in Education (pdf).
  • CRAN 2008, Response to the Shaking the Movers II workshop on Identity and Belonging (pdf).