Collaboration as a cornerstone for Carleton’s prosperity is well defined. The value we all place on collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach are unique characteristics that we should celebrate. The physical realization of this on campus has been the development of a number of innovative educational environments to improve community student engagement, including but not limited to the Discovery Centre. These enhancements while intended primarily for students have also benefited faculty and staff members alike and have routinely been recognized as increasing workplace satisfaction.

This SIG while appreciative of the above is exploring a new physical environment that can further support the kind of engagement that will both enhance and sustain the vitality of Carleton’s staff and faculty community. A supportive common space that would help to facilitate positive interaction between the two groups alone and help foster a sense of community and togetherness.

In our presentation, we will survey the landscape when it comes to the intersection of campus infrastructure development and innovative and effective management of our operations and activities. We will present three key items: the problems space on campus is currently creating; the solutions we feel will enable collaborative transformation and both the barriers and enablers to action. We will argue that an innovative space for faculty and staff to connect, engage and work in would be an investment in Carleton’s future workforce; further empowering a university that is dynamic, collaborative and responsive to the needs of our community

  • Bobby Bicker (Manager, Financial Services, University Services)
  • Chris Cline (Media Relations Officer, DUC)
  • Darren Mundt (Manager, IT and Communications, Career Services)
  • Julie Carl (Manager, Research Communication, OVPRI)
  • Kylie Patrick (Sr. Development Officer, Major Gifts, Advancement)
  • Philip Mansfield (Manager, Sustainability Programs, FMP)