If we build it, will they come? Our SIG dives into the wicked problem of faculty and staff collaboration and communication, a topic explored by at least five other SIGs before us, highlighting its importance. After trying to address the problem as a whole, it became apparent that this wicked problem cannot be solved easily in a single event or space. Therefore, we propose a way for Carleton faculty and staff to introduce members of their own network to others by inviting a friend/coworker to Carleton Leader events. This will foster new connections in an already friendly, open and cohesive environment. It will also strengthen leadership qualities and bring attention to the Carleton Leader program, allowing it to grow and expand its influence.

  • Audrey Girouard, Associate Professor, CSIT
  • Brian Schmidt, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Daniel Redmond, Senior Project Manager, FMP
  • Mingxia Liu, Prospect Research Manager, Advancement
  • Armand Doucet, Maintenance Supervisor, IMS