Our inspiration began with food.  As our Strategic Impact Group (SIG) explored further, we recognized that we were seeking a unifying experience to break down silos and bring about conversations, connections and community.

To this end, our SIG aims to create a meaningful way to bring faculty and professional services staff together in an informal environment that is conducive to developing staff/faculty connections, engaging in conversations and ultimately building community.

The framework for this experience will integrate a few themes, including:

  • Carleton’s past tradition of tea time
  • Carleton’s Healthy Workplace Initiative, and its policy statement that “…the social, physical and psychological environment [is an] important factor that collectively contributes to each faculty and staff member’s personal success and positive contribution to the university’s mission”
  • The greatest strength of Carleton University, as identified in Carleton’s Strategic Integrated Plan: Our people

SIG Group Members

  • Adam Barrows, Associate Professor, English
  • Jeremy Brzozowski, Manager, Student Experience & Student Life, SEO
  • Pia Chin, Internal Communications Specialist, DUC
  • Shane Hawkins, Director, College of Humanities
  • Kathleen Hickey, Team Lead, Co-op/New Grad Recruitment, Co-op/Career
  • Ramune Zitikiene, Executive Assistant, ODENG