The Enriched Support Program (ESP) is a proven “pathway” to university for many students who do not meet Carleton’s regular admission requirements. We propose that any Suspended BA student with fewer than 9.0 university credits completed towards his or her degree be given the opportunity to apply to ESP during his or her year of Suspension. Our rationale is as follows: the challenges faced by under-performing high school students who don’t get in to university are, in many ways, the same challenges faced by students who did get in to university but, due to a variety of reasons, did not or could not meet the academic expectations. Moreover, there is no program currently in place designed to help Suspended students succeed academically once readmitted to a degree. Not only would Suspended students benefit from peer-led workshops and extra support, they would have the ability to apply for OSAP funding during their Suspension, a privilege that “regular” Special students do not currently have. For the pilot year, we propose that 20 Suspended BA students be accepted to the program. The fees usually charged for the extra workshops will be funded by the university during the pilot year, meaning that participants will only pay for credits they take.

  • Stephen Azzi, Associate Professor, NPSIA
  • Clair Switzer, Acquisitions Financial Supervisor, Library
  • Lorraine Anderson, Sr. Employment Program Coordinator, Co-op & Career Services
  • Mira Sucharov, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Robin Norris, Chair & Associate Professor, English
  • Caitlin MacGregor, Manager, Student Academic Support