This SIG is interested in the processes and supports Carleton provides for international graduate students and the experiences of these students before they begin their studies.

We identified promising practices and opportunities to improve the international graduate student admission experience by considering the admission process from the perspective of students, FGPA staff, departmental graduate administrators, and departmental chairs and directors.

The SIG is relevant given the objective of Carleton to gain recognition as a research-intensive university. SMA-2 also outlines the goal of increasing the number of graduate students at Carleton during the next three-year cycle. Members of the SIG agree that international graduate students play a vital role in achieving both of these university-wide objectives and also contribute to creating a richer environment within graduate programs overall. Because of these larger Carleton objectives, this SIG believes it is valuable to identify good practices, areas of challenge, and issues that may be common at the University but hidden by the silo-mentality and experience of departments, units, faculty, and staff: i.e. an awareness of the big picture.

It is our hope that by sharing these lessons and challenges, conversations will be started, potential solutions may be shared and new approaches created.

  • Christina Gabriel, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Mandi Crespo, Quality Management Partner, OQI
  • Melanie Dow, Quality Advisor, OQI
  • Rob Finlayson, ¬†Officer, Partnerships and Pathways, Admissions
  • Steven Reid, Officer, Media Relations, DUC