We observe that engagement between senior management and faculty/staff can be strengthened at Carleton. Over the past few years, Carleton has experienced a number of critical challenges, both internal and external such as the recent strike mandates, which heighten the need for better collaboration and stronger trust relationships between members of the Carleton community. Although senior management endeavours to meet the mounting demands and expectations of government and the public, faculty and staff find themselves working in increasingly siloed and disconnected ways from not only other faculties, but senior management as well. Therefore, we feel a heightened sense of urgency to ensure that the lines of communication across campus are open with senior management as a starting point, so that faculty and staff feel they are part of a collaborative enterprise as Carleton moves forward in order to prevent recent crises from recurring.

This project will explore and evaluate both formal and informal connection points between faculty, staff and administration groups and senior management at Carleton that seek to enhance vertical engagement. We want to understand whether these intersection points are working as intended to support greater engagement. As such, we will identify incentives, barriers, challenges and opportunities for better and meaningful vertical engagement that will help us become more resilient over time within the context of the internal and external challenges that we face.

  • Amanda Goth, University Secretary, Board of Governors
  • Ancy Joseph, Executive Assistant, VP Finance & Admin
  • Elspeth McCulloch, Manager e-Learning, EDC
  • Robert Shepherd, Associate Professor, SPPA
  • Shawn Kenny, Associate Professor, Civil/Enviro Engineering
  • Valerie Percival, Associate Professor, NPSIA
  • Vandna Bhatia, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Wayne Harvey, Manager, Technical Services, ITS