We come to this project as Carleton community members who believe that the unique characteristics of Carleton University are not being communicated in a way that leads potential students, faculty and staff to understand what makes this a great place to study and work.

Our primary research question was: How can we define and communicate the Carleton “brand?”

Our initial investigation into the Carleton “brand” led us to the university website, where many people first learn about the institution. We planned to utilize the university website as a launching point for understanding what is being communicated about the institution and how we might change that.

The first step that our Strategic Impact Group took was to meet with President Bacon in order to understand his vision for the Carleton brand and what related initiatives he might be working on. We decided to focus our efforts on gaining insight into the Carleton brand by reflecting on our own experiences and soliciting the input of others with varying degrees of familiarity with the institution.

Our Strategic Impact Group was pleased to see that some clear themes emerged from our informal research. Based on our small sample, it seems that more work is needed to facilitate successful, memorable branding of Carleton University and increase its community presence. The results indicate that increased advertising and communication efforts, enhancements to existing web/ social media platforms, faculty/ staff professional development, and institutional support for the promotion of achievements and advantages will all be important to enhancing the reputation of the university and helping us increase the visibility of all that makes Carleton a great place to study and work.

We hope that these findings might help shape the formal media relations work that lies ahead and we look forward to the changes that will emerge from that process.

  • Melany Cullen, Undergraduate Recruitment Office
  • Julie C. Garlen, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, FASS
  • Danette Nearing-Guibord, Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice, FPA
  • Patrick Hansen, Athletic Facility Operations, Recreation & Athletics
  • Hans-Martin Jaeger, Department of Political Science, FPA
  • Mani Nimalan, Information Security, ITS
  • Steve Truttmann, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, FED
  • Jennifer Wolters, Faculty Advancement, FED