The challenges facing higher education are too complicated, the speed of change too fast, and the path forward too uncertain for a single leader or leadership team to have all the answers. The way forward in higher education demands that we harness the collective capacity, intelligence, and resources of our full organization. Unfortunately, higher-education’s siloed nature can often prevent the very collaboration essential for it to thrive.

The “wicked problem” of SILOS was the initial focus of our Carleton Leader SIG group. We explored the idea that organizational change and improvement within the university is impeded by silos. We sought out examples of successful change across Carleton University and interviewed change leaders to ask them about the obstacles they sought to overcome, their processes, their solutions, and the feedback they received.

In this presentation, we examine Indigenous Learning Bundles, Convocation and Therapy Dogs – three stories of collaboration that have resulted in significant and effective change at Carleton.

Join us in our journey of exploration of organizational change for a discussion about: how to bring diverse groups together, how to build coalitions across silos, and how to mobilize stakeholders to action. By viewing organizational change with a positive lens, we give you stories of innovation, success and inspiration.

Sue Geffken-Graham, Research Facilitator – Institutional Initiatives, Carleton Office of Research Initiatives and Services
Sandy Herbert, Executive Assistant, Office of the Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning)
Nina Karhu, Manager, Classroom Support & Development, Instructional Media Services
Alexis Luko, Assistant Director, School for Studies in Art and Culture; Associate Professor of Music
Margaret Miller, Senior Development Officer, Department of University Advancement
Richard Sabourin, Training, Investigations & Case Manager, Campus Safety Services
Andrew Speirs, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Gavin Symonds, Manager of Building Operations, Facilities Management and Planning
Jane van den Dries, Communications Officer, Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)