Photo of Angel Abbaticchio

Angel Abbaticchio

Project Officer

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Public Affairs and Policy Management with a concentration in Development Policy Studies and a specialization in Rights and Human Development. Aside from school and work, you can find me weight training or manifesting my biggest dreams in my journal.

I am intrigued by the issues concerning displacement and LERRN has played a huge role in igniting this interest. What I love most about this project is that it is surrounded by such passionate individuals who are committed to changing the discourse around displacement to not only improve situations for persons affected by crises but also find solutions to their plight. I love how LERRN challenges unequal power structures within the refugee regime by fostering an inclusive environment that provides those most affected by refugee crises a voice. I am excited to further support what this project might do to remedy the problems surrounding this issue in the near future.

Working with LERRN has contributed to the development of my skills including word processing and formatting skills, ability to pay close attention to detail, and ability to think critically and creatively. I have also gained a more practical understanding of the issues that LERRN seeks to address, notably the power asymmetry that exists within the global refugee regime.