Photo of Ian Van Haren

Ian Van Haren

Student Coordinator, McGill Refugee Research Group

Degrees:B.A. Hons. Sociology (Crandall), M.A. Sociology (Toronto)

Ian is a PhD student in sociology and population dynamics at McGill University where he is affiliated with the Centre on Population Dynamics, the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship, and the McGill Refugee Research Group (MRRG). During the 2020-2021 academic year, he is the student coordinator for the MRRG. His research focuses on migration policy and immigrant integration in Canada. His current research projects include studying the Private Sponsorship of Refugees program in Canada, understanding the experiences of Syrians who arrived as refugees in Canada from 2015-19 as part of the Tajribati Research Team at McGill University, and studying economic migration policies and trends. As a member of the Solutions Working Group, his work contributes to our understanding of how resettlement and complementary pathways can provide opportunities for refugees while examining who is granted these opportunities and what their experiences are after arriving in Canada.