The Refugee Advisory Network of Canada (RAN Canada) is an independent and nonpartisan group of refugee leaders selected from across Canada. Advisors bring the diverse perspectives of various communities and networks to the work of RAN Canada.

LERRN’s collaboration with RAN began on World Refugee Day 2020 with the announcement of RAN’s creation. This followed the results of a September 2019 policy dialogue co-hosted by LERRN and the Refugee Hub and involving a number of refugee leaders and civil society partners. LERRN believes that policy partners stand to benefit from the expertise offered by former refugees, whose ideas for solutions are rooted in their experience of the realities of forced displacement.

Refugees as Individuals, Participants, and Partners

Per their mandate, RAN Canada works to promote the meaningful participation of refugees in Canada’s engagement with the international refugee system. RAN Canada advocates for, and strives to achieve, the meaningful inclusion of the perspectives, skills and knowledge of refugees in global policy and decision-making processes that affect the lives of refugees. RAN Canada works to bring the perspectives, skills and knowledge of refugees into public discourse, policy discussions, and wider discussions on refugees. RAN Canada actively advocates for the human rights of refugees, internally-displaced persons, stateless persons and others who have been forcibly displaced.

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