On World Refugee Day 2020, LERRN announced plans to launch a Refugee Advisory Network to support its goal of enhancing the role of civil society in the functioning of the global refugee regime.

Plans for a Refugee Advisory Network follow the results of a September 2019 policy dialogue co-hosted by LERRN and the Refugee Hub and involving a number of refugee leaders and civil society partners. These discussions contributed to LERRN Advisor Mustafa Alio being named as Refugee Advisor to the Delegation of Canada to the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva in December 2019. This represented an important step forward in the objective of ensuring that refugees can engage in a direct and meaningful way in global policy discussions that are intended to benefit them.

The Refugee Advisory Network will be comprised of a group of refugee leaders in Canada who are actively engaged in diverse aspects of global refugee policy discussions and connected to global refugee networks. Members of the Network will be selected for a two-year term through on open and competitive process supported by a Selection Committee that includes representatives from civil society, academia and prominent former refugees.

LERRN believes that policy partners stand to benefit from the expertise offered by former refugees, whose ideas for solutions are rooted in their experience of the realities of forced displacement. The Network has been endorsed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and will be a resource that the Government of Canada can draw on for including refugee participants and advisors to future delegations to international meetings on the refugee system.

Additional details on the Refugee Advisory Network will be posted on this page in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for developments in this exciting initiative!

Refugees as Individuals, Participants, and Partners

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