Photo of Witness Sosthenes

Witness Sosthenes

Student Researcher


I am a postgraduate student in Population Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam,Tanzania. I am most interested in Migration Studies; specifically, displaced populations and how they are able to adapt to their situations in third countries. I particularly enjoy educating society and helping the needy with any kind of support.

I am more interested in issues associated with population; specifically, forced migration. This has come along with the LERRN project where my work has focused on localization and humanitarian actions in Tanzania, thus making me more aware of forced migrants. I really love the project because it has helped to reveal my true area of interest.

Being a LERRN student researcher has expanded my knowledge in dealing with migrants who really need a way forward through humanitarian help in host nations. Through the research conducted in Tanzania on the localization of humanitarian actions, I have gained extensive experience on displaced populations.