Photo of Zein Almoghraby

Zein Almoghraby

Director, International Programs, Journalists for Human Rights

Zein Almoghraby is the Director of International Programs at Journalists for Human Rights. After studying law, Almoghraby started his professional life as a legal aide to Syrian human rights advocacy before moving on to media development, working as program coordinator at the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists (CDFJ) in Amman, Jordan.

At CDFJ, Almoghraby was responsible for more solid projects and programs with complete attention to media development. He handled all aspects related to the Center’s projects, from securing funds to implementing the project, including preparing various types of reports and communicating with partners, beneficiaries and donors. He has managed national projects in Jordan that focused on building the capacity of journalists and the media sector in general, as well as to lawyers, in defending freedom of speech. His involvement in other regional projects included supervising partners’ activities and commitments to plans and contracts in different countries such as Iran, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

Source: Journalists For Human Rights