Jenna WilliamsJenna is a community-development communicator, researcher and fundraiser in the making. During her undergraduate degree (International Development at the University of Ottawa), she commenced and led a campus chapter of International Justice Mission, an anti-modern-slavery organization. The chapter won best philanthropic club award in 2021. She’s also worked for multiple federal parliamentarians on justice-related files, including end-of-life care and anti-human-trafficking efforts. She’s particularly interested in how nonprofits collaborate with other actors to create social and political change.

Through all of these experiences, Jenna realized that fundraising, event planning and creatively raising awareness of an issue were almost as exciting as the cause she was fighting for. Looking to put these interests into practice, she began working at Capital City Mission, a drop-in centre she had volunteered at for four years. Above all, Jenna is passionate about human connection and building communities that break down barriers between people. She believes that CCM is doing so tremendously, and she’s thrilled to be a part of the work being done to execute the organization’s mission and purpose.

Jenna is thrilled to be a part of the incoming 2022 MPNL cohort and at the prospect of developing the skills needed to commence a career in the third sector.

She spends her spare time reading historical fiction, biking around the city and being with the people she loves.

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