Photo of Inger Weibust

Inger Weibust

Assistant Professor

Phone:613-520-2600 x 6669
Office:5105 Richcraft Hall

Prof Weibust is on sabbatical until July 1, 2024

Assistant Professor of International Affairs
Environmental Issues, Regulation, Voluntary Codes and Governance

My research has focused on environmental governance, both internationally and within federations. Under both scenarios, agreements are usually weak and do not include enforcement provisions.  I address these themes in Green Leviathan (2009)  and Multilevel Environmental Governance (edited by Inger Weibust and James Meadowcroft; 2014).

My current book project examines a puzzle in international environment and natural resource agreements.  There have been enormous advances in remote sensing since 2000, yet international agreements do not use them for monitoring.  Most agreements rely on a nation’s self reported data. This is at odds with the claim that international agreements exist to assuage fears of noncompliance.


Environmental Issues, Regulation, Voluntary Codes, Governance.