NPSIA students receive comprehensive, interdisciplinary, high-quality instruction and training in their chosen specialization of international affairs.  Our programs develop a strong foundation in policy formulation, policy research methods, and economics. We focus on practical knowledge and skill development that complement theoretical instruction through the regular use of research assignments, case studies and simulations, mediation exercises, the preparation of  policy papers, and project evaluation activities. Recognizing that the ability to communicate is essential to international affairs, all students must be able to function in a second major international language by the completion of their degree.

The NPSIA MA program is interdisciplinary, reflecting the philosophy that exposure to a range of disciplines is necessary to develop an understanding of our complex global environment.

PhD Fast-track Option

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs offers a fast-track option into the NPSIA PhD program, after 1 year in the MA program (open to full-time MA only students).  Students interested in the fast-track option should meet with the MA and PhD program supervisors during the fall of their first term in the program. Eligible students will be evaluated based on research abilities and performance in the first term of studies.


The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs offers collaborative specializations in African Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and in Data Science.


The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, in conjunction with Carleton University’s Co-op Office, offers a co-op option to full-time students in the MA program. Visit NPSIA’s Co-op Eligibility for more information.

MA Admissions

MA In-Program