NPSIA graduates work around the world from Ottawa to Singapore, from Washington to Athens. They are diplomats, international public servants, aid workers, lobbyists, bankers, corporate public affairs officers, academics, journalists and consultants, among others. All of them learned skills and gained knowledge at NPSIA that prepared them for employment in international affairs. Close to two thousand of our graduates have spread the word about NPSIA’s reputation for excellence and are ready to assist the new classes of students as they seek employment.

Our rapidly changing world means that expertise in international affairs is highly desirable. The rapidity of change also means that alumni are likely to have a number of different jobs, requiring a range of skills, over their working lives, demonstrating a range of capabilities and the willingness to be flexible. As you move ahead in your careers, the demands on you will differ. It will no longer be sufficient to demonstrate research and analytical skills alone; you will be expected to develop strategies and policies, to anticipate trends and their implications, and to manage people and programs.

This key career resource was prepared under the direction and guidance of Vivian Cummins, previous Coordinator of Research and Training at NPSIA, and with the assistance of Fran Rubio, a NPSIA MA graduate. Thanks to our alumni, who often sent job opportunities for Vivian’s ‘jobslist’ and told us about their job and career changes, we accumulated a wealth of information for these NPSIA WORKS profiles.

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Banking & Finance

Canadian Public Service – Federal & Provincial

Communications & Government Relations

Conflict Resolution

Environmental Policy & Management


Human Rights & Human Security


International Development

International Law

International Organizations & the United Nations

Non-Governmental Organizations

Parliament Hill

Private Sector & Consultancies


Social Policy


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