Abrar H Hashmi

Carment, David Lilly, Meredith Penny, Christopher Samy, Yiagadeesen (Teddy)
Carvin, Stephanie Littlewood, Jez Percival, Valerie Wang, Yanling
Dammert, Ana Long, David Rowlands, Dane Weibust, Inger
Daudelin, Jean Mendeloff, David Saideman, Stephen Wilner, Alex S.
 Lagassé, Philippe,  Osler Hampson, Fen
Research Centre Directors Distinguished Research Professors Emeritus
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  Faculty Expertise
Rowlands-120 Dane Rowlands
5304 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 8884
International Monetary Fund, World Bank and other Multilateral Financial Institutions, Sovereign Debt, Financial Crises and Capital Flows, Exchange Rates, International Trade and Trade Policy, Migration and Remittances, Development Assistance and Cooperation, Economics of Conflict and Peacekeeping, Conflict and Development and Terrorism
Daudelin-120 Jean Daudelin
Associate Director,
MA Program 
5314 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1372
Conflict and Development (particularly tenure regimes, property rights and land conflicts), Brazilian Foreign Trade and Security Policy, Canadian Foreign and Security Policy, Inter-American Politics, Insurrections and Political Violence and Indigenous Mobilizations
Long-120 David Long
Associate Director,
Ph.D. Program 
5316 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 3948
History of International Theory and the European Union
Carment-120-09 David Carment
5313 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 6662
Conflict Analysis, Mediation, International Organization and Negotiation and Policy Analysis
 Carvin Stephanie Carvin
5103 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1370
National Security Issues, Terrorism, Critical Infrastructure Protection, International Law, Humanitarianism, Foreign Policy
Dammert-120 Ana Dammert
Loeb B-846
520-2600 ext. 3753
Economic Development, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics and Latin America
Lagasse-16 Philippe Lagassé
5111 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 8097
Defence policy and military procurement, civil-military relations, the Westminster system
Lilly-120 Meredith Lilly
5109 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1387
Economics; free-trade negotiations; international trade policy; labour economics and labour mobility; global demographic transition; applied public policy.
Littlewood-120 Jez Littlewood
5315 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 6659
Biological Weapons, Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence
Mendeloff-120 David Mendeloff
5317 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1373
Causes and prevention of war; Nationalist, ethnic and identity conflict; Post-conflict peacebuilding and state reconstruction, Transitional Justice
Hampson-120 Fen O. Hampson
Chancellor’s Professor
5113 Richcraft Hall
Canadian Foreign Policy and Global Governance, International Organization, International Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution and Analysis
Penny-120 Christopher Penny
5318 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 3581
Public International Law; Law of Armed Conflict (International Humanitarian Law) and Use of Force
Percival-120-09 Valerie Percival
5319 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 6658
Health and Conflict, Post Conflict Health Reconstruction, Health Systems, HIV/AIDS and Conflict Analysis
Saideman-120 Stephen Saideman
5104 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1369
Currently on sabbatical
Civil-Military Relations, Ethnic Conflict, Civil War and Foreign Policy Analysis
Samy-120 Yiagadeesen (Teddy) Samy
5312 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1218
Currently on sabbatical
International Economics and Economic Development
Wang-120 Yanling Wang
5107 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 2626
Currently on sabbatical 
International Economics, Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Policy and Analysis and Applied Microeconomics
Weibust-120 Inger Weibust
5105 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 6669
Currently on sabbatical 
Environmental Issues, Regulation, Voluntary Codes and Governance
Wilnersm Alex S. Wilner
5106 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 6199
Deterrence Theory and Strategic Studies, Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Intelligence Studies, National Security Policy, Strategic Foresight


Research Centre Directors

Phil Rourke CTPL – Centre for Trade Policy and Law
Andrea Charron The Centre for Security, Intelligence and Defence Studies

Cross Appointed Faculty

Norman Hillmer
Cristina Rojas


Contract Instructors

Fall 2016 Winter 2017
Andrea Charron Michael Bell
James Cox Sean Burges
Roy Culpepper Andrea Charron
Roger Ehrhardt Yelda Gulderen
Matt Gouett Stephen Harris
Yelda Gulderen Victor Konrad
Josh Kilberg Simon Langlois-Bertrand
Simon Langlois-Bertrand Orlaith McCaul
Stephane Lefebvre Hunter McGill
Robert Sauder Rebekah Owusu
John Schram Sohini Paul
Stephanie Soiffer Phil Rourke
Binyam Solomon


Visiting Scholars

Sohini Paul National Council of Applied Economic Research, India

Visiting Researchers

Abrar H. Hashmi National Council of Applied Economic Research, India

Distinguished Research Professors

Maureen Appel Molot Public Policy, Canada-US Relations, NAFTA and Auto Industry
Ozay Mehmet Since my retirement from the School in 2004, I have maintained my academic interest in the economic policy and development of Turkey and North Cyprus. I joined the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus and served as Dean during 2008-10. Currently I am Senior Fellow in Modern Turkish Studies at Carleton working to create a Center in Modern Turkish Studies in partnership with the Council of Turkish Canadians and funding support from the Turkish Government.
Arch Ritter International Dimensions of Development, Development Issues in a Latin American Context and International and Domestic Aspects of its Cuba’s Development
Blog:  www.thecubaneconomy.com
Email: arch.ritter@carleton.ca
Martin Rudner Intelligence Studies, International Intelligence Relations, Terrorism Finance, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism, Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection Policy and Intelligence Accountability and Oversight
Fraser Taylor Professor Taylor’s main research interests are in the application of geospatial information management to the analysis of key socio-economic problems in a national and international context and the presentation of the results in innovative new cartographic forms.


Professors Emeritus

Michael Hart Michael Hart, Professor Emeritus, held the Simon Reisman chair in trade policy at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. He has taught courses on the laws and institutions of international trade, Canadian foreign policy, and the politics of climate change.  He is also founding director of Carleton’s Centre for Trade Policy and Law, and as a distinguished fellow of the Centre, he has led training and advisory missions to Russia, Vietnam, the Caribbean, and Central America, and taught training courses for the Organization of American States, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Monterey Institute for International Studies, and various universities in Canada and the United States.  He is a former official in Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, where he specialized in trade policy and trade negotiations, and was involved in the Canada-US Free Trade Negotiations, the North American Free Trade Negotiations and various GATT, textile, and commodity negotiations. He is the author, editor, or co-editor of more than a dozen books and numerous articles and chapters in books on international trade and public policy issues, including A Trading Nation, short-listed for the Donner Prize (Public Policy), the J.W. Dafoe Prize (History), the Donald V. Smiley Prize (Political Science), and Purvis Prize (Economics) in 2003 and Decision at Midnight, short-listed for the for the Gelber Prize and the Canadian Business Book Award in 1995.  His most recent books include, From Pride to Influence: Towards a New Canadian Foreign Policy, and his new book on science and public policy: Hubris: The Troubling Science, Economics, and Politics of Climate Change.
Email: michael.hart@carleton.caBook LaunchHubris: The Troubling Science, Economics, and Politics of Climate Change
Brian Tomlin Brian Tomlin is Professor Emeritus in The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University. A former Director of the School, he has also served as Chair of the Centre for Trade Policy and Law at Carleton and the University of Ottawa, Editor of the Canadian Foreign Policy journal, and Senior Academic Advisor at the Canadian Foreign Service Institute in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. He has written extensively on international bargaining and negotiation, public policy analysis, and Canada’s international policies. He is the co-author/editor of fifteen books, including an award-winning study of the negotiation of the Canada-United States free trade agreement, and another on the negotiation of the North American free trade agreement. His most recent book, Canada’s International Policies: Agendas, Alternatives, and Politics, presents an analysis of the evolution of Canadian policies on trade and investment, defence and human security, and international development.
Email: brian.tomlin@carleton.ca


Adjuncts Fellows Fellows con’t
Aniket Bhushan Michael Bell Ted Paterson
Andrea Charron Maureen Boyd Colin Robertson
Roy Culpeper Derek Burney John Schram
John Currie Boyd Fuller Margaret Skok
Trevor Findlay Matthew Gouett Elliot Tepper
Craig Forcese Yelda Gulderen Gerald Wright
Kate Higgins John Higginbotham Jim Wright
Edward Jackson Eric Jardine
Joshua Kilberg Simon Langlois-Bertrand
Shannon Kindornay Lawrence Lederman
Binyam (Ben) Solomon Robert Myhara
Peter Tikuisis Christopher Ostropolski
Anthony Van Duzer Simon Palamar