The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs offers students the opportunity to complete a specialization in African Studies. There are 17 partner programs. It is the only graduate level program in African Studies in Canada; offers experiential learning opportunities in Africa or in organizations working on African issues in the Ottawa-Gatineau region; provides students with interdisciplinary training and skills in the field of African Studies which provides further expertise for jobs in the public, private or non-governmental sector or to take further post-graduate or professional degrees.

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To complete the specialization, you will follow the MA program, but you will also need to take AFRI 5000 African Studies as a Discipline: Historical and Current Perspectives and AFRI 5800 Scholarly Preparation in African Studies. Students in the coursework option will need to complete 1.0 credits of African Studies related courses and those completing via Research Essay or thesis, will need to have a co-supervisor from African Studies.

NOTE: Students completing the specialization in African Studies will not receive the field designation, but are still required to complete the economic field course(s) for the field in which they have been admitted.

  1. Students who wish to obtain the Field designation are required to complete 1.5 credits of field courses and their required economics field course if they choose the coursework option. For students in the IEP field both INAF 5308 and INAF 5309 must be completed in order to receive the field designation. If students choose to complete by Research Essay or Thesis, 0.5 credit  will be applied towards the field designation. Students in the African Studies Specialization, the Research Essay  or Thesis must cover both their field and the African studies component.
  2. For elective courses, 1.5 credits of the total required 5.0 credits may be selected from courses offered in other departments, with a maximum of 1.0 credit from a single department and a maximum of 1.0 credit selected from fourth year undergraduate courses. Any course not identified as an INAF 5000-level course must be approved by the M.A. Program Supervisor.
  3. Students must successfully complete an examination in second language proficiency administered by Carleton University’s School of Linguistics and Language Studies, or meet the equivalent standard as determined by the School of Linguistics and Language Studies. There is an administrative fee for the standard test (which leads to a certificate of language proficiency after successful completion). Students are strongly encouraged to take the opportunity to improve their language skills during their studies, including during their summer terms. Details of the language requirement are provided on the School website.