Our research has revealed 217 Chipewyan and Apachean common words in nine linguistic sources with the following correspondences:

Apache-Chipewyan-Navajo = 18; Apache-Navajo = 32; Chipewyan-Navajo = 41 and Chipewyan-Apache = 18. One may interpret the same number of correspondences (18) between Apache-Chipewyan-Navajo and Apache-Chipewyan and the highest number of Chipewyan-Navajo correspondences (41), plus the greater dissimilarity between Chipewyan and Apache, as showing the earlier arrival of the Plains Apache via a Plains route, and the later arrival of the Navajo and Mountain Apache via an Intermountain or Rockies route through Wyoming.

The following Table compares Chipewyan and Apachean words of similar meaning and pronounciation:

Chipewyan – Apachean Wordlist: Web Document (HTML format)

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