Case Studies in the development of colour detection software tools

We are developing and testing analytical software tools to image-enhance and date ancient wall art. Follow these links to review our current testing stage, from an image analysis perspective.

Colour Pixel Scanner – Visualizing Pictograph Elements at Montevideo

Pictograph Outlines and Peel Artifacts Detection using Multiple Colours
Mar 11, 2010

  Colour Pixel Scanner – Observations of Lil’wat Nation Pictographs

Differentiating symbols through colour selection
Jan 16, 2010; Mar 18, 2010

  Colour Pixel Plotter – Observations of Nicola/Hedley Pictographs

Scanning and plotting with pre-defined colours
July 13, 2008

Colour Pixel Plotter – A quick look at Monck Park Rock

‘Constructing’ the pictograph image by selective colours
June 10, 2008