Carleton Degree or Certificate students may study at any accredited university on a Letter of Permission (LOP).You will need approval from the Registrar’s Office for each course that you wish to take.  Check the Letter of Permission Guide for further information about eligibility.


Application is online through Carleton Central: go to Student Services, Online Applications to access the form. You will need course descriptions for each of the courses you wish to take. These descriptions should be cut and pasted from the Host University’s web site.  There is an administrative fee that will be charged to your student account when you submit your online application.

Explore Program

Students who participate in the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada Explore program may be able to earn credit toward their Carleton University degree upon successful completion of the Explore Program. Refer to the Explore Program Information Guide for further information regarding receiving credit at Carleton University.

Deadlines for application

Summer Registration March 1
Fall Registration July 1
Winter Registration November 1

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.

For more information please refer to our Letter of Permission Guide.