The Campus Safety Services (CSS) Department Engagement and Inclusion Officer (EIO) Program represents the department’s effort to be an active partner in improving the campus climate. CSS believes our entire community should be invested in cultivating an inclusive campus and has collaborated with several university departments and student groups to continually improve these efforts.

The aim of the EIO Program is to help CSS engage and interact with our campus community while also building mutual respect and trust between community members and officers. The EIO will work with partner departments and student groups to increase opportunities for interaction with community members in non-law enforcement related settings. The EIO will work towards these objectives in collaboration with the Community Liaison Officer, Brittany Basten.

EIO Objectives

  • Foster a culture of respect and equity in which all students and staff can prosper without fear or discrimination.
  • Enhance current partnerships and build new connections that further unify our community.
  • Increase CSS’ – Campus Safety Officers’ (Special Constables) and Student Safety Patrollers capacity to respond to individuals with differing expectations, needs, or abilities.
  • Actively participate in campus initiatives working toward a more diverse and inclusive Carleton University. 

EIO Program will focus on three key areas to achieve its objectives:

Training: Enhance training for Campus Safety staff to further equip them to understand the needs and cultural differences that make up the campus community, as well as empowering them to be agents of change and inclusivity. Training would focus on:

  • Cultural competency
  • Understanding and mitigating unconscious bias
  • Anti-racism and approaches to combatting bigotry on the basis of Indigeneity, with a particular focus to de-escalation
  • The exercise of discretion

Community Engagement: Increase proactive efforts to engage all members of the Carleton community to further build positive relationships between CSS and the campus community. Community engagement would focus on:

  • In collaboration with campus stakeholders review current community engagement activities and identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Establish integrated approach that focuses on community well-being and identify the gaps

Recruitment: In collaboration with Equity and Inclusive Communities and Human Resources, CSS will identify the key challenges to hiring practices and attracting diverse communities. The diverse representation initiative will involve:

  • Conduct review of current recruitment and retention practices
  • Develop plan to increase representation that reflects the Carleton community within the CSS team
  • Develop Inclusive Hiring Practices training

You can contact Engagement and Inclusion Officer Devon Reeves at