The Campus Safety Services (CSS) Department Engagement and Inclusion Officer (EIO) Program represents the department’s effort to be an active partner in improving the campus climate. CSS believes our entire community should be invested in cultivating an inclusive campus and has collaborated with several university departments and student groups to continually improve these efforts.

The aim of the EIO Program is to help CSS engage and interact with our campus community while also building mutual respect and trust between community members and officers. This work will be guided by the institutional Action Plan – CSS Service Excellence and Community Engagement. The EIO will work with partner departments and student groups to increase opportunities for interaction with community members in non-law enforcement related settings. The EIO will work towards these objectives in collaboration with the Community Safety Co-ordinator.

EIO Objectives

  • Foster a culture of respect and equity in which all students and staff can prosper without fear or discrimination.
  • Enhance current partnerships and build new connections that further unify our community.
  • Increase CSS’ – Campus Safety Officers’ (Special Constables) and Student Safety Patrollers capacity to respond to individuals with differing expectations, needs, or abilities.
  • Actively participate in campus initiatives working toward a more diverse and inclusive Carleton University. 

EIO Program will focus on key areas to achieve its objectives:

Community Engagement: Increase proactive efforts to engage all members of the Carleton community to further build positive relationships between CSS and the campus community. Community engagement would focus on:

  • In collaboration with campus stakeholders review current community engagement activities and identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Establish integrated approach that focuses on community well-being and identify the gaps

Benchmarking and Outreach: With the support of the Office of Quality Initiatives (OQI), explore opportunities to attract a more diverse applicant pool to Campus Safety Officer job competitions. Following the recommendations from the 2019 LEAN process, which reviewed recruitment and on-boarding activities of the department, implement the following:

  • Develop promotional materials/update the CSS website to better market positions to diverse populations and attract them to come to Ottawa/Carleton University
  • Attend job fairs and liaise with other law enforcement/security employers to learn and share best practices for diverse and inclusive recruitment and hiring practices

You can contact Engagement and Inclusion Officer Devon Reeves at

Announcement of the EIO Program on Jan. 10, 2019:

Campus Safety Services (CSS) is pleased to announce a new Engagement and Inclusion Officer (EIO) pilot program that will focus on enhancing its work in the areas of diversity and inclusion across the university community.  The pilot is part an institutional Action Plan – CSS Service Excellence and Community Engagement.

The pilot program will be led by Special Constable Devon Reeves. He will start in his new role on Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. Devon has been a respected member of the CSS staff for 10 years and has held a number of positions within the department, including Student Safety Patroller, Auxiliary Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety Officer, Special Constable and Acting Shift Manager.

To advance the goals of the action plan, the program will help identify and foster engagement activities on campus and work with departments and student groups to increase opportunities for CSS staff to engage with community members and student groups. The position will focus on training and recruitment, and will partner with the departments of Equity and Inclusive Communities and Human Resources.

“We are very pleased to launch this pilot, which is a first among Canadian universities,” said CSS Director Brian Billings. “I would like to congratulate Devon on his appointment and we look forward to our continued work with campus partners to enhance our services and engagement with all members of the Carleton community.”

For more information about the EIO program, please go to: