If you require support or education regarding sexual violence, please contact Equity and Inclusive Communities at EQUITY@CARLETON.CA. Additionally, Health and Counselling Services https://carleton.ca/health/ is available for direct support. You can also consult community resources open and taking referrals in the community through OCTEVAW https://www.octevaw-cocvff.ca/covid19-services

Flip the Script with EAAA™ Sexual Assault Resistance Education Program is a free 12-hour sexual assault resistance education program for young women. EAAA is taught over the course of two weekend days, or four evening sessions.

The traditional script around sexual assault blames the victim/survivor and perpetuates a common belief that there is little that women can do to protect themselves. This program ‘flips that script’. A survivor is never at fault for sexual assault, and women can learn skills to enhance their safety.

The first session, Assess, is geared towards recognizing characteristics in the environment and in other people that increase the likelihood of sexual assault. Acknowledge explores personal beliefs which create emotional barriers to resistance. Act teaches verbal and physical strategies that can effectively deter perpetrators.

What you do not see in the EAAA acronym is the letters R and S, but our final session is devoted to just that: relationships and sexuality! This program does not focus solely on situations that are unhealthy or unsafe, but also on feeling confident and comfortable in knowing what you desire and deserve in a healthy relationship, sexual or otherwise. This is the ‘Enhanced’ component of EAAA.

While this seems daunting, students who have taken the program talk about how fun it is!  Part of the best-practices of this program is that it is taught by pairs of women students.

On a weekend sessions, Assess and Acknowledge are taught consecutively on day one, while Act and Relationships & Sexuality are taught on the second day. Over the course of 4-weekday evenings, each session is taught individually.

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Snacks are provided over the weekend and evening sessions. 

If you would like additional information about the EAAA program and it’s origins, we encourage you to visit the Sexual Assault Resistance Education (SARE) website.