• Buy a good quality lock to protect your bicycle. Consider a U-bolt style lock for your bike as they’re much harder for thieves to break than chain and cable locks. Better yet, use a combination of the two!
  • Record the serial number, model, make, size, colour, number of gears, and the value of the bicycle (or keep your receipt). Or register it with the Campus Safety Services.
  • Position the lock as high on the bike as possible. This makes it difficult for a thief to disguise what they’re doing. It also prevents them from using leverage and downward force to destroy the lock.
  • Park and secure your bike in well-travelled and well-lit areas if possible. The more people around, the more likely a thief will pass on to a less conspicuous target.
  • Use the secure bike compound. The bike compound is located across from the Colonel By. day care and East of the outdoor tunnel access in the athletics precinct.
  • Make sure the structure where you secure your bike is, in fact, secure.
  • Make sure that any valuable accessories (i.e. detachable lights/batteries) are securely fixed to the bike, or even removable and taken with you after you park.

For more information and useful tips on bike safety and bike locking techniques please visit the Campus Safety Services bicycle site by clicking here.


  • Never leave your laptop unattended, even if it’s only for a moment. Laptops are a major target for thieves because of their value and compact size.
  • Ensure your wireless connection is secure, and have an up-to-date anti-virus program.
  • When not in use, physically secure your laptop to a desk or floor.
  • Consider becoming part of theSTOP theft laptop program. For more information on the STOP theft laptop program, click here