Who we are

campus-safety-signUniversity Safety is a department within the Finance and Administration division of Carleton University. The department consists of Patrol Services, Parking Services and Technical Services to address the needs of the community for personal safety, protection of property and parking needs. We also have a community liaison officer who provides crime prevention services, liaises with various community groups and offers presentations on personal safety and crime prevention programs.

Our officers are sworn peace officers with special constable designation and our primary objective is provide a safe and positive working environment for our community of students, staff and faculty.

Our department conducts foot, bike and vehicular patrols of the campus and in the event of a major incident, produces safety alerts for the community in the form of posters and through our website.


To enhance the safety of the Carleton University community and the security of all campus facilities. The department enforces policies and regulations as well as federal, provincial and municipal laws in support of the academic mission. Providing professional safety and security advice to the university community and the protection of lives and property are two of this department’s most important responsibilities.