Photo of Adam Wills

Adam Wills

Degrees:BASc (Windsor), MASc (Carleton), PhD (Carleton)

Adam completed his MASc degree in 2013. His research focused on the design and energy modelling of seasonal solar thermal energy storage systems for single-detached Canadian homes. This work informed the early design work for the Urbandale Centre for Home Energy Research. Adam returned for his PhD, which he completed in 2018. That work used detailed building stock energy modelling to explore the technical feasibility and performance of converting existing residential communities to net-zero.

As of October 2017 Adam works at the National Research Council Canada in Ottawa where he applies his knowledge in building energy simulation to support the development of the national building codes. He also supports and manages other projects related to building energy and renewable energy generation research, and also has an interest in building envelope infiltration modelling and testing.