Photo of Tom Mackintosh

Tom Mackintosh

Degrees:BASc (Ottawa), MASc (Carleton)

Tom Mackintosh completed his MASc in Mechanical Engineering in 2016 on a part-time basis while working at CanmetENERGY. He examined potential designs of cold-climate heat pumps and then built and tested a two-stage design in a controlled cold chamber. This work showed that it is possible to achieve interesting heating capacities and coefficients of performance at ambient air temperatures below minus 30 degrees.

Tom worked as a Research Engineering at the Alternative Energy Laboratory in the Buildings and Renewables Group for CanmetENERGY Ottawa. His work focused on the performance testing of residential sized combined heat and power systems, their integration with renewables and storage systems, and their adaption for use in Canada.

Tom works as an Engineer at the Emissions Research and Measurement Section for the Science and Technology Branch of Environment and Climate Change Canada. His work is focused on designing and building equipment that is used for emissions compliance testing of vehicles and engines, research on future emissions control systems, and research on electric vehicles.