Beth Creary

Beth Creary

Seeing a call for volunteers in the newspaper, Beth Creary joined the Carleton Board of Governors in 2018 as a community-at-large member.  With a breadth of governance experience on her resume, Beth hit the ground running, and in her three-year tenure has already served as a standing committee chair, vice-chair and representative on Senate.  Unlike many of her fellow board members, Beth never attended Carleton herself, but she quickly fell in love with the university community and energy after stepping foot on campus.  Although she may not be a Raven by graduation, her service to Carleton has earned her official Raven status.

Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Beth attended the University of Waterloo for her undergraduate degree.  A lawyer by day, she first moved to the nation’s capital for Law School, and has been here ever since.

“I deliberately moved to Ottawa to improve my French language skills,” explained Beth.  “But I stayed because I fell in love with Ottawa, and all it had to offer.”

In her spare time, Beth volunteered with the Women’s Legal Mentorship Program and as a Mediation and Negotiation coach. She also served on several boards, including the Big Sister’s Board of Directors and Centertown Citizens Ottawa Corp.   Her interest in Carleton’s governance was sparked later – all thanks to a university transfer.

“One of my three children had recently transferred to Carleton and was loving the Sprott School of Business,” stated Beth. “They couldn’t say enough good things about Carleton so when I saw the ad for Board members I was already sold!”

Beth is no stranger to corporate governance, and she believes her longtime work experience with telecom entrepreneurs and leaders has given her a unique ability to contribute to the already strong Carleton Board of Governors.  Thanks to her current position as Senior Vice-President, Legal & Compliance, and longstanding role as Assistant Secretary to the Board of a satellite telecommunications company: Ligado Networks, the intersection between the boardroom and the delivery of the work needed to advance the business has always been made very clear.

“At work I am behind the scenes, somewhat like President Bacon’s university secretariat and their interface with the executive team and the Board,” stated Beth.  “…but sitting on the Board side I understand and marvel at all the work that is involved in bringing everything forward to the Board, and I have been so impressed with the caliber and quality of the entire [Carleton] administration.  From my perspective, I bring that understanding of the behind the scenes heavy lifting of the secretariat and executive to all that I participate in on the Board of Carleton.”

Always one to say “yes” to new challenges, Beth began serving as Chair of the Building Program Committee in the 2020/’21 academic year.  Not having engineering, infrastructure or city planning experience was no problem for Beth, because she was excited to learn more about the construction and maintenance of campus, how Carleton develops and manages its Master Plan and all additional supporting strategies.

“As a committee chair you are guiding the discussion and the information – not creating or developing it.  It is about asking the right questions and eliciting the right information to ensure you can make sound decisions for the university community,” expressed Beth. “I have enjoyed chairing the committee, learning about the campus infrastructure and future needs and I have been very impressed with the strong focus on sustainability.”

Pursuing new paths and a commitment to lifelong learning has always been a theme in Beth’s life.  Growing up in a large family in a blue collar town, she was the first member of her family to graduate university.  Now, with post-secondary (and a lot of student debt) in her rearview mirror, she has some advice for those considering higher education.

“Do it!  Come to Carleton,” explained Beth.  “You will find your passion and your purpose, and you will find a community that can give you the tools and the support to pursue and achieve all you want to do!”

Beth is currently serving a three-year term on the Carleton Board of Governors and sits on the Executive and Building Program (Chair) committees.

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