Board of Governors Chair’s Report 2022/2023


Stepping into the role of Board Chair amid a worldwide pandemic would, for many, be cause for pause. Yet through the unyielding demonstrations of my community and colleagues I am assured, ‘No problem is so great that it cannot be dealt with successfully.’

Coming out on the other side, I am astounded by the incredible spirit of resilience, tenacity, and innovation Carleton has shown in the face of considerable uncertainty.

While the pandemic highlighted our adeptness to change, the full reopening of campus in Fall 2022 was a sobering reminder of what was lost, but more importantly, the promise of what stands to be gained.

Year over year, and month over month, Carleton’s positioning as a national leader in higher education continues to grow. Showcasing our prowess in the areas of research, athletics, and community building – we have emerged as a force for good, serving Ottawa and the world.

This success is thanks to the formidable leadership that governs our institution and the community members that uphold it.

Throughout the past year, much attention has been on restoring our beautiful campus – both in look and feel. Through the update of a sustainability-focused Campus Master Plan, implementation of Carleton’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Plan, New Names for New Times Initiative, and more inclusive spaces – we are creating an environment entrenched in our values. With multiple projects on the horizon, including a new 456-bed student residence, work continues between building on an ever-increasing momentum and our top priority: ensuring the continued well-being of all staff, students, and faculty.

Greg Farrell, FCPA, FCA
Chair, Carleton University Board of Governors