The Board of Governors acknowledges and respects the Algonquin First Nation, on whose traditional territory the Carleton University campus is located.

Board Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Carleton University’s Board of Governors is committed to fostering and supporting equity, diversity and inclusion at the university. This includes a commitment to achieving a membership that reflects the broadest range of qualifications, skills, experiences, perspectives and the myriad of human identities essential to advancing the university’s mission. A diverse Board working in an atmosphere of inclusion will produce better, more innovative decisions, further the institution’s reputation as an equity, diversity and inclusion leader across Canada, and increase the university’s capacity to effectively address and serve the interests of its global community. Diversity and inclusion drive excellence.

The purpose of this statement is to express the commitment of the Board of Governors to Board membership that is balanced, diverse and inclusive, and that incorporates a strong balance of skills, experiences and perspectives to advance the university’s mission. In addition to working to enrich both skills level and diverse representation through membership appointments, the Board will abide by its commitment to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in the performance of its duties and responsibility for oversight of the university’s governance.

To give effect to this statement, the Governance and Nominating Committee within its processes for identifying potential members and as required by the Board’s Nominating Policy, will search for highly-skilled potential candidates who reflect the diversity of Canadian society and the university, having particular regard to underrepresented groups including but not limited to those represented by race, sex, Indigeneity, disability, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. The Board will periodically review the Nominating Policy and any related practices and procedures to ensure alignment with best practices and principles for diverse recruitment.

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