Photo of Georgette Morris

Georgette Morris

Graduate Student

Currently pursuing a PhD at Carleton University, in Law and Legal Studies, Georgette holds an Honours BA in Human Rights and Equity Studies, a BA in Social Science and an MA in Public Policy Administration and Law, all from York University. She also holds certificates in Law and Society, Public Policy Analysis, and graduate diplomas in Democratic Administration and Ethics and Public Affairs. Her primary research interests have been in labour, policy, equity, human rights, immigration, citizenship, government, political debate, public reason, and agenda setting.

Georgette possesses a range of experiences at all levels of government; specifically, within the House of Commons and has worked in various levels of government, within a range of departments and ministries. She has extensive experience in student government during her undergraduate and graduate studies, serving in roles of Communications and Vice President. She has worked extensively in strategic policy and research in the Privy Council Office, Employment Social Development Canada, Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, and Canada Revenue Agency as a Policy Analyst in the Research and Innovation Lab. She has sat on a number of task forces regarding improvement, equity diversity, inclusion, and modernization. She has presented at a few universities in Canada Jamaica, the Czech Republic, England, and Germany on various topics such as discrimination, migration, race, and gender as it relates to systems, programs, policies, and government. Georgette is passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Georgette has been elected to the Board of Governors for a one-year term commencing July 1, 2023, and ending on June 30, 2024.

Committees: TBC