2022 Service Excellence Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2022 Service Excellence Award recipients!

Service Excellence Innovation Change Initiative Change Recipient

Emergency Notification System

“The implementation team was responsible for the co-ordination, integration, and rollout of a new Emergency Notification system for Carleton University to contribute towards the safety and security of the campus community.

This team was built to be cross-functional, bringing in expertise across the university on operations, communications, students, and information technology. Our team listened to our community and those that are tasked with activating the system to find a system that met everyone’s needs.”

Service Excellence Team Recipient

Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) Application Team 

“The CFREF application was a $117-million research proposal focused on housing… My experience working with this large team made me proud to be at Carleton. They demonstrated passion and determination at every step of the way.

Simply put, this ambitious proposal would not be possible without them. The team was also the envy of the partner institutions. Despite the CFREF competition results, the momentum that was built and the bonds that were formed will pay dividends for years to come.”

Service Excellence Individual Recipients

Rajiv Bhola, Teaching and Learning Services

“There is rarely a day that goes by that Raj doesn’t teach me, and the others on our team, something. … He spends so much time learning the tools we work with, that he knows them inside out and backwards, which makes him an invaluable member of our team and of the Carleton Community as a whole. I cannot emphasize enough how much Raj cares about his work and the people he works with. He really does pour all of himself into his daily tasks, and even through the struggles, he shines.”

Tom Sauve, Facilities Management and Planning

“Tom started 30 plus years ago as a custodian in residence. He took night classes in building operations and worked his way up to a maintenance mechanic position.

Over the last 20 years, Tom has attained his drinking water operators’ certificate and is currently working as a water treatment specialist here on campus. He looks after numerous water treatment applications from cooling towers to eye wash stations to drinking fountain filtration to closed loop glycol filtration and testing. He is a dedicated loyal self-starter with great work ethic. Tom’s experience and campus systems knowledge is invaluable.”

Stephen Welch, Faculty of Public Affairs

“As I repeatedly stumble through the dark, cold winter of technology, Steve Welch is the voice of rationality and reason who never fails to shed light on my (many, many…did I mention MANY?) computer issues … Steve, you are always there to help and go above and beyond to keep us all up and running, with good humor and (in my case) incredible patience. Hope you know how much we all appreciate you!”

Tabbatha Malouin, Institute of Political Economy

“Tabbatha’s knowledge and friendliness was a key part of why I chose this program (and I am very grateful to her for it!) I was still deciding between programs, and we met to talk through it, and she went above and beyond, being sure to give me a fair and encouraging appraisal of both options. She is always welcoming and makes the Institute of Political Economy feel like a second home.”


Amanda Hodgson, Career Services (ACT to Employ)

“During a time when employment was (and continues to be) incredibly challenging, our program has grown, and we have placed more Carleton students with disabilities in valuable employment opportunities than ever before.”


Service Excellence Betty Weiss Memorial Recipient

Teri Amyotte – Health and Counselling Services

“The team relies on Teri to welcome Carleton students who are looking for counselling support. This position is quite important as it is often the first interaction students have had in regard to mental health. …. Teri has a positive impact on students, as she provides a warm welcome to every student that walks through the door. Teri has such a natural calming presence that when students come in crisis, they’re often already calmer when they see the crisis counsellor because of their interaction with Teri.

Service Excellence Honorary Recipient

Jerry Tomberlin, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

The Honorary Service Excellence Award has only been given out twice before and recognizes someone who practices the Service Excellence Standards every day in all that they do at the university.

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