Adopt Service Excellence in your area!

For Carleton to achieve Service Excellence, each and every department, faculty, and office needs to identify just how they achieve each standard. Please use the resources below as a framework to bring your staff together and discuss the levels of service that the students, staff, faculty, and/or other stakeholders which you interact with can expect.

Download Service Excellence Materials

Managers or Team Leaders – download and review:

Meet with your Team

Schedule a team (or a cross section of your department) meeting for staff to discuss Service Excellence Standards.

Make this activity a collaborative one and engage team members  to ensure that the standards your department sets are realistic and actionable by all.

You may consider providing the above resources in advance for each person to review and generate some initial ideas.

Explain why enacting Service Excellence is a priority to your department and explain that it’s important that the team generate the standards by which they will perform their work (keeping the customer in mind). Having distributed the template and standards in advance, work together to identify how your department/office meets or exceeds each of standard. Put this information in the “How we will do this!” column for each service standard.

Discuss Service Excellence Standards

Customize the standards to reflect how your office delivers Service Excellence.

Under the “How to Measure” column, identify what metrics you will use to check and see that you are meeting your Service Excellence Standards?

Remember that you won’t need to measure each standard, but should have at least one or two strategies in place to ensure that you’re achieving your goals. Think about internal metrics and/or feedback opportunities that you can use too!

Finalize your Standards

Have your team sign off on your department/office Service Excellence Standards and distribute them in hardcopy and electronic form.

Send a copy of your standards to Melanie Dow, Office of Quality Initiatives and distribute your standards (via softcopy to staff) and post hard copies in public work spaces. Should you want support establishing the standards in your department or faculty, please contact Melanie Dow.

How You Can Monitor your Progress

To keep Service Excellence top of mind, discuss your team’s standards at your regular meetings.

Formally review your Service Excellence Standards annually.

Recognize and celebrate your successes!