2023 Service Excellence Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2023 Service Excellence Award recipients!

Service Excellence Innovative Change Initiative Recipient

Women in Engineering and Information Technology

Sharmila Antonipillai
Ashley Bergman
Larry Kostiuk
Alexandra Leroux
Robin McLaughlin
Ally Sebben
Jennifer Wolters

“This cross-campus team created and implemented Canada’s first Women in Engineering and Information Technology (WiE&IT) Program, which hopes to help close the gender gap in engineering and IT. Run through the Faculty of Engineering and Design, the program has 21 industry and government partners who support annual mentorship, networking, skill-development, and community building activities for women students.”

Service Excellence Team Recipient

Carleton Therapy Dog Program

Michaela Keogh – Program Coordinator
Richard Amos – Speedy
Anne Bowker – Milo
Amanda Coome – Gracie
Karla Creech – Bauer
Allie Davidson – Murphy
Adelle Forth – Jazz
Katherine Gardner – Brewster
Jessie Hargreaves – Porter
Katharine Kelly – Bear
Rylee Oram – Kya

“The CU Therapy Dog program is an evidence-based program with demonstrable positive impacts including stress reduction, a decrease in anxiety and depression, and increased happiness. I often have walked by a large crowd on campus and wondered, “what’s going on?” only to realize there was a dog therapy session underway…Being around the dogs is a contagious joyful experience! The CU Therapy Dog program has had a tremendously positive impact on the entire campus community.”

Service Excellence Individual Recipients

Amanda Bradford-Janke, Sprott School of Business

“Amanda is a dedicated steady hand and an invaluable team member and colleague who is always available to share her experience and advice. When problems have arisen, she has been available with advice on how to solve them, ensured that resources were available to address them, and made herself available personally to help. She is an extremely valued member of the Sprott School of Business and we recognize the valuable contributions that she brings.”

View Quicklink: Service Excellence Award Recipients Allison Jaworski, Office of the Dean of Science

“Our days come into contact with at least one if not more of the things that Allison has implemented or has made sure is in place in the back end, much of the time without us knowing that it exists because of her… Allison not only serves the best interests of the Faculty of Science but also thinks big in supporting Carleton’s interests as a whole. Her dedication to service excellence … and her role as a supportive and dependable colleague, serves as a model for others within the academic and administrative spheres.”

Sandy Mazereeuw, Business Office

“Sandy’s responsiveness and deep knowledge of the institution has had an immeasurable impact on my role in launching the online MBA program modality…The impact this new modality had on other units on campus, such as Student Accounts was unanticipated. Sandy has been incredible to work with as we navigate and develop new approaches to ensure accuracy, as well as a positive student experience for this large population. Sandy has a unique ability to identify potential issues, flag them, and already have a potential solution in mind. I cannot say enough about Sandy’s helpful, can-do attitude.”

Amanda Seed, Centre for Student Academic Support

“The entire team and student staff (PASS and CSAS placement students) enjoy working with her and feel comfortable approaching her for any support or questions…Amanda is positive, caring and committed to helping make Carleton a better place. She is always looking for new ways to ensure student staff have the best positive experience with PASS. She is lovely to work with, and her attitude and disposition create an inviting environment for anyone accessing CSAS services.”

Service Excellence Betty Weiss Memorial Recipient

Kaitlin Barkley, Department of Psychology

“Kaitlin’s positive impact on our students, on our faculty, and on all members of the Carleton community with whom she interacts is seen daily. Her energy, her availability, and her passion for her work are contagious.  Her ability to adapt to the challenges presented and her innovative approach to administrative tasks have been nothing short of remarkable. In a short time, she has implemented positive changes, streamlined processes, and demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to the success of the Department.”

Service Excellence Honorary Recipient

Danny Brown, Information Technology Services

In Memoriam

The Honorary Service Excellence Award is a rare honor, bestowed upon only three previous recipients in its history. This prestigious award celebrates an individual who lives and breathes the Service Excellence Standards in their daily work at the university. This year, the award is being given posthumously to Danny Brown, who sadly passed away on January 8, 2024. Though no longer with us, Danny’s legacy lives on.

As Director of Enterprise Applications for the ITS team, Danny demonstrated inspirational leadership and foresight in shaping Carleton’s web presence over the past 15 years. He was nominated for a remarkable 12 awards during his tenure, receiving one individual recognition – a testament to his collaborative spirit as the ultimate team player. Danny’s vision and dedication to excellence made an indelible impact, and for that, we honor his memory with this special award.

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