At Carleton University, we have a set of Service Excellence Standards that guide how we work and interact with our colleagues, serve the needs of our students and our faculty, as well as our external partners. Providing exceptional service and going above and beyond is at the core of what it means to deliver Service Excellence on our campus. We have integrated Service Excellence across the university and each department has reviewed the standards so they contribute excellence to the campus community.

Service Excellence engages staff in discussions around the needs of their customers, while nurturing the qualities that contribute to a culture of continuous improvement in the pursuit of organizational excellence. Our Service Excellence Standards are meaningful to everyone and speak to our dedication in providing a positive community environment.

Service Excellence begins with you!

Whether you interact primarily with students, faculty, staff or external partners, your commitment to serve the community in which you work is one of the most valuable assets you bring to Carleton University every day. Service Excellence offers a unique opportunity for you to get involved and shape your work environment in a positive way.