Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

General Deferred Exam Information

Please note that students are required to be familiar with the Examination Regulations section of the University Academic Regulations as well as general information regarding examinations.

Deferred Exam Schedule

Deferred Exam Schedule will be released one week before the first day of the exam period.

You can access the deferred exam schedule in Deferred Exam Schedule and choose “Show Deferrals” in the drop-down menu on the upper right corner above the schedule.  The schedule information can also be found in Carleton Central.

Application and Approval Status

The Registrar’s Office sends email confirmation of your deferral application – if you have applied for a deferral and have not received email confirmation, please check your junk folder and if necessary, contact the Registrar’s Office by email at deferral@carleton.ca or by telephone at (613) 520-3500.

If you have a course approved for deferral, but the deferred examination is not found in the deferred examination schedule, please contact Scheduling and Examination Services at onlineexams@carleton.ca.

Paul Menton Centre (PMC) Accommodations

If you are registered with the Paul Menton Centre (PMC) and have exam accommodations, these details will be sent to you by email three days before your scheduled examination.

Deferred Exam Day Information

All courses that had formally scheduled final exams held online will remain to be online for deferred, and those on campus remain on campus, to provide the same environment and for equity.

Access to Online Exams

Unless you have been otherwise informed by your instructor, online deferred exams will be held in Brightspace under the course you have been approved for approval and in-person.  It will be made accessible at the time the exam is scheduled to open.

Sudden Illness or Missed Deferral

You should assess your medical situation and well-being prior to entering the examination room and are expected to complete a deferred examination once begun.  If you experience a significant deterioration of your health while the examination is in progress or have missed a deferral due to other reasons, please submit an Undergraduate Academic Petition to the Registrar’s Office in order to explain the circumstances. For more information, please visit the Missed Deferrals website of the Registrar’s Office.

Other Commonly Asked Questions

Please also visit the University’s website for other FAQs.


If you have a question about and during the examination, please contact us with one of the following methods:

Exam-Related Emergency Toll-Free Call Line: 1-877-557-2930 (Canada – USA)

Outside Canada/US Exam Emergency: +1-613-518-2601

Non-Urgent Exam Related Issues: Submit an Exam Support Request

Email: onlineexams@carleton.ca

Non-Emergency613-520-2600 x1571 M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm (Eastern Time)