1. If You Miss Your Deferred Exam
  2. Deadlines
  3. Required Documentation
    1. For Medical Reasons
    2. For Other Circumstances
  4. Final Decisions

If You Miss Your Deferred Exam

  • If you are unable to write your deferred exam by the deadline, you cannot defer a deferred exam, but you may submit an Undergraduate Academic Petition to the Registrar’s Office in order to explain why the circumstances surrounding your missed deferred exam were beyond your control.
  • Undergraduate Academic Petitions will only be processed once the Registrar’s Office receives all documentation. Please familiarize yourself with petitions on the Undergraduate Academic Petitions page before submitting a petition.


  • Your petition and documentation must be submitted within 3 working days after the scheduled date of the missed examination or the take-home examination deadline.

Required Documentation

For Medical Reasons

  • If you were unable to complete a deferred exam due to an illness you will need to see a physician within 1 working day of the missed final exam or the take-home exam deadline.
  • Original medical documentation submitted to support your Undergraduate Academic Petition must include:
    • Date and time of your visit with your physician
    • Date of the onset of the illness
    • (Expected) date of recovery
    • Degree of incapacitation
  • It is advisable that you have your doctor complete the “Carleton University Medical Certificate” (see the “Downloads” section at the bottom of this page). to ensure your medical documentation is complete.
  • If you have missed three or more deferred examination deadlines at Carleton University in the past, you will be asked to provide additional information. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for details.

For Other Circumstances

  • For other circumstances beyond your control (e.g. a death in the immediate family), official documentation is required.

Final Decisions

Decisions on petitions are based on precedents set by the Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee (SUSC). Outcomes will be delivered via your Carleton email account. Approved petitions will be assigned one of the following outcomes based on the work completed during the term: