All spaces on campus, regardless of the booking office, are governed by Carleton’s full list of policies, including but not limited to:

General Space Booking Policy These policies apply to all bookable spaces, regardless of the booking office.
Galleria Space Booking Policy The University Centre Galleria (4th Floor) has additional guidelines and regulations related to its use.
Accreditation of Student Organizations Policy When applicable, booking offices will only provide space to accredited groups.
Alcohol Policy If your event includes alcohol, Risk Management is always required.
Commercial Activities Policy Any sale of a commercially produced goods, including clothing and merchandise, is not allowed unless proper permissions are on record with the appropriate booking office.
Food Services Policy All food and beverage, with the exception of bake sale items that are home-made, must be provided by the University’s Food Services Contractor. Requests for exceptions should be made at least three weeks in advance of the event.
Gambling on Campus Policy Gambling is not allowed, unless approved as part of a Risk Management application and proper licensing is received.
Posting Policy You may only post paper advertisements, flyers, and posters on designated areas. Affixing items to any walls without permission from the booking office is not allowed.
Risk Management Form When your event requires Risk Management, you must complete the applicable form and receive approval in advance of the event and in accordance with the booking office’s timelines.
Risk and Insurance Information Provides the best practices in identifying, evaluating and controlling both operational and strategic risks to ensure that risks are eliminated, managed or contained.
Smoking on Campus Policy Smoking on campus is prohibited in all buildings, including garages.
Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy Applies to all students.