Ph.D. Theses

Year Student Title Supervisor(s)
2021 Muller, Megan Nursing and Nation Rebuilding: An Ethnography of Care in the Context of Indigenous Self-Determination Patrick, D.
2021 Rogei, Daniel Salau Mediating Maendeleo: Examining the Nexus Between Geothermal Extraction, Wildlife Conservation and Community Well-being in Olkaria-Suswa, Southern Kenya Rutherford, B.
2019 Graham, Megan Performing veteranhood through the creative arts: An ethnographic study of recognition and sociality among veterans living in a Canadian seniors’ village Leistle, B.
2019 Liu, Ying-Ying Tiffany Intra-Migrant Economy: Chinese Restaurant Entrepreneurship and Zimbabwean Migrant Workers in South Africa Rutherford, B.
2019 Rao, Sheila Women’s Sweet Success? Interrogating Nutritionism in Biofortified Sweet Potato Promotion in Mwasonga, Tanzania Rutherford, B. & de la Gordendière, L.
2018 Houser, Dan Feeding the Wrong Wolf: Work, Gender, and Generosity in a Northern Alberta Oil and Gas Community DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2018 Matthew, Cheryl The Indigenous Experience and Cultural Renewal, Decolonization, and Transformation in the Ottawa Area Patrick. D.
2018 Mohammadi, Fatemeh Youth Clubs as Men/Women Caves: Exploring an Emerging Muslim Youth Subculture Creating a New Canadian Religious Identity Given, B.
2017 Hawkins, Matthew “This is Boedo”: Stories of a Lost Football Stadium, a Buenos Aires Barrio, and How the Hinchas of San Lorenzo Fought to Return Gose, P.
2014 Sax, Marieka Sorcery and Morality in the Andes: Illness, Healing, and Brujeria in Kanaris (Lambayeque, Peru) Gose, P.
2014 Tubb, Daniel Gold in the Choco, Columbia Gose, P.

M.A. Theses:

Year Student Title Supervisor(s)
2021 Hodgins, Seamus Brewing Authenticity: Production, Consumption, and Middle-class Work Within the Ontario Craft Beer Community Rosenblatt, D.
2021 Scott, Erin Dirtbags and Bougie Boats: Precarity, Authenticity, and Experiences with Nature Among the Young Middle-Class DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2020 Hill-Smith, Emilie “They Just Don’t Get It”: Snapshots from Siblings of Children with Life Limiting Conditions Pylypa, J.
2020 Yabe, Mitsuyoshi Landless Souls Are Still Living: The Kwupahag and Muanbissek DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2019 Conty, Sheridan The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: A Counter-Archive Carrier-Moisan, M.E. & Todd, Z.
2019 Di Renzo, Frankie No hay comunistas en Cuba: There are no communists in Cuba Gose, P.
2019 Macaulay, Jasmine Reframing MAiD in the Media: Rationalizing and Normalizing a New Mode of Dying in Canada Pylypa, J.
2019 Nokleby, Rebecca Navigating Conservatism in Trump’s America: How the Penn State College Republicans Construct and Perform Political Discourses and Realities on Campus Rosenblatt, D.
2018 Benincasa, Erin Moving Identities: An exploration of the Lived Experiences of Chinese International Students at a Private School in Ontario Caputo, V.
2018 Bider, Emma The Sound of Home: Tuareg Women’s Tendé Drumming in France and Belgium Rutherford, B. & Ramzy, C.
2018 Vicencio Diaz, Liz Veronica Gender and Sexual Fluidity in Veracruz, Mexico Carrier-Moisan, M.E.
2017 Decontie, Faith Remembering Why We Sit at the Table Patrick, D.
2017 Langille, Justin “As It Flows Down from the North”: Confluences of water stewardship emerging from the Ottawa River watershed Slaney, F.
2017 Vandervalk, Sandra Line Dancing: A Performative and Phenomenological Study of the Borderlands Region of Stanstead, Quebec, and Derby Line, Vermont Leistle, B.
2016 Auclair, Karina Tensions on Erraid: How the Need for “Human Sustainability” Challenges an Intentional Spiritual Community DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2016 Reilly, Barbara Monumental Meaning-Making: Interpreting Westport, Ontario’s Cemeteries Given, B.
2016 Hale, Tyler More Than Material: The Vibrancy of the Car in the Volkswagen Diesel Scandal DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2015 Boon, Dirk Living After Prison: The Experience of (Re)integration to Society after Release from an Ontario Correctional Facility Given, B.
2015 Cameron, Courtney Dedicated Athletes, Deviant Women: The Experience of Being an Amateur Sportswoman in a Contemporary Canadian Context Pylypa, J.
2015 MacNeil, John The Construction of Identity Among Inuit Men in Ottawa Through Foodways DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2015 Shalaby, Carina Leaving Little Great River: An Ethnography of the Inuit Experience of Travelling Down South to Face Justice Rosenblatt, D.
2015 Spry, Melinda Living with Lupus in Ottawa, Ontario: An Exploration of Illness Narratives Pylypa, J.
2014 Guigue, Samantha Flat, Frozen and Everlasting: Cosmetic Surgery Abroad and the Production of Feminine Bodies in Neoliberal North America Pylypa, J.
2014 Horsfall, Johanne Signifying Difference:  Muslim Experiences with Dogs in Canada DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2014 Kidd, Abigail Challenging Categories: An Ethnography of Young Adults with Down Syndrome in a Community in Ontario Shotwell, A. & Pylypa, J.
2014 O’Sullivan, Sarah The Politics of Triage: International aid and AIDS care in Northern Uganda Pylypa, J.
2014 Rickert, Melanie Propaganda? What Propaganda?: Discourse, Identity, and Queer Activism in St. Petersburg, Russia Carrier-Moisan, M.E.
2013 Graham, Megan Between Pre-Objectivity and Objectivity: A Phenomenological Study of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapists’ Experiences of Healing in Music Leistle, B.
2013 Jones, Angeline The Impact of Socio-cultural Issues on Mature Women and Alcohol Use in Glasgow, Scotland: An Anthropological Exploration de la Gorgendière, L.
2013 MacLeod, Katie Displaced Mixed-Blood: An Ethnographic Exploration of Métis Identities in Nova Scotia de la Gorgendière, L.
2013 Pockele, Samantha Ned Aesthetics in Contemporary Glasgow: Preforming Classes, Appropriating Races de la Gorgendière, L.
2013 Robinson, Marion Training Our Bodies to Defend Ourselves: Self-defence Training as Embodied Learning Leistle, B.
2013 Sanderson, Matthew The Embodiment of Post-Concussion Syndrome: Reflexive Research, Acting Athletes, Managing Medical Professionals, and Moral Trepidation Leistle, B.
2013 Verardi, Cassandra Perceptions of Voluntourism de la Gorgendière, L.
2013 Williams, Tabitha Life History of a Calumet: Social History through the Life History of An Object DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2012 Ellis, Natalie Beyond “Good” and “Evil”: Illuminating the Complex Realities of Experience in Glasgow’s Regenerated Retail Spaces Rosenblatt, D.
2012 Fox, Graham Belonging Behind Walls: Race, Security, and Citizenship amongst Euro-Kenyans in Nairobi Rutherford, B.
2012 Jezari, Arianna Through Their Eyes: Insights from the Lived Experiences of Blind Youth in Uganda de la Gorgendière, L.
2012 Johnston, Lina Discourses of Security, Agricultural Innovation and Nature: the Cuban Transition to Agro-Ecology and the Construction of Campesino Identity Ballamingie, P. & Aporta, C.
2012 Liu, Ying-Ying Tiffany Falun Gong, the Diaspora and Chinese Identity: Fieldwork amount the Practitioners in Ottawa Given, B. & Rutherford, B.
2012 Mason, Miranda HIV and Gendered Migrations: an articulation of young women’s diverse migration experiences on the Thai-Lao border de la Gorgendière, L.
2012 Nham, William Digging Up Zimbabwean Gold Miners: An Anthropological Study of Artisanal Gold Mining in Central Mozambique Rutherford, B.
2012 Poole, Joanne The Little Iron Horse in Post-Humanist Perspective: Contemporary Engagements with the Canadian Horse in Rural Quebec de la Gorgendière, L. & Pulla, S.
2012 Shen, Yu Articulating Chinese Cultural Identity through Participating in Teaching Chinese Mandarin Heritage Language Given, B.
2012 Tetroe Robinson, Nicole An Ethnographic Exploration of the Work of Aboriginal Social Workers: Examining the Applicability of Foucault’s Governmentality Rosenblatt, D.
2012 Tran, Chi Kim An Ethnographic Analysis of the Current Whistleblowing Landscape in the Canadian Public Service Rutherford, B.
2012 Wilson, Amy The Dys-Appearing Body: Understanding the Everyday Lived Experience of Women with Fibromyalgia de la Gorgendière, L.
2011 Conway, Alana Examining the “illegitimate” refugee label: A case study of Roma refugee claimants in Canada Rutherford, B.
2011 Fonesca, Ana “It’s not just about money”: An Ethnography of Rebusque Performances and Life-Stories on Public Transportation Buses in Downtown Bogotá, Colombia Slaney, F.
2011 Kamari, Wangui Learning to be Black: The Afrocentric “Word” as Anti-racism Mobilization in Salvador, Brazil de la Gorgendière, L. & Gose, P.
2011 Panday, Aruna From Kapahaka to Hip Hop: Maori Popular Music in Aotearoa/New Zealand Rosenblatt, D.
2010 Agrawal, Anita Life After Wife Abuse South Asian Women in the Greater Toronto Area Pylypa, J.
2010 Baglow, John Foreign Bodies: the Etiology of Nunavut Governance Keil, J. & Aporta, C.
2010 Clarke-Nolan, Katherine The Macro Vs. The Micro: The Cultural Dialogues of Compensated Surrogacy Rosenblatt, D.
2010 Harrison, Brendan Kiva: An Analysis of Microfinance, NGOs and Development Discourses de la Gorgendière, L. & Rutherford, B.
2010 Karpala, Kelly Adapting to a World of Change: Inuit Perspectives of Climate Change in Igloolik, Nunavut Aporta, C. & Laidler, G.
2010 Morgan, Matthew “The One That Cuts the Path Doesn’t Know it is Crooked”: Ghanaian NGO Workers’ Perspectives of Development in the Multi Donor Budget Support Era de la Gorgendière, L. & Rutherford, B.
2010 Seabrook, Christopher “It Gives Me Thunder”: Reflections on “Becoming Fur” Given, B.
2010 Thomson, Charisma Roadside Memorials in Rural North America: Symbolic performance of double burial Slaney, F.
2010 Tsiknis, Stella Hellas and Hellenes: An Ethnography of Transnationalism Keil, J. & Patrick, D.
2009 Davis, Leanne Negotiating social space through fair trade coffee consumption Slaney, F.
2009 Owen, Wendy Rwandans in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada: Interactions and Relationships within the Diaspora de la Gorgendière, L.
2009 Patrick, Caryl Home Care for the Homeless: Experiences of Infirmary Clients at the Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto Pylypa, J.
2009 Slawich, Jennifer Bilateral Development: Assessing the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Canadian-Tanzanian Partnership Through HIV/AIDS Indicators de la Gorgendière, L. & Pylypa, J.
2008 Lazarus, Joanne Filipino ‘Nursing Medics’: Why are Doctors Retraining as Nurses in the Philippines? Pylypa, J.
2008 Myles, Bryan Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”: The Principles and Practices of Ecotourism in Belize Gose, P.
2008 Rotman, Amy Making Meaning of Racial Cosmetic Surgery: Its Implications and Effects on the Lives of Women in America Pylypa, J.
2008 Sax, Marieka Feeding as a Force of Production and Advancement in the Peruvian Andes Gose, P.
2008 Schissel, Paul Muai Thai and the Embodiment of Fighting Forms in a Rural Northeast Thai Household Slaney, F.
2008 Stegner, Irmgard The History, Symbolism, Spirituality, and Transformation of the Jingle Dress and Dance of the North-Eastern Woodland Indians Smith, D.
2008 Zubi, Hadaf The Mano River Conflict Complex Keil, J.
2007 Bell, Alison From Pond to Pro: Hockey as a Symbol of Canadian National Identity Given, B.
2007 Blancette, Laurie The Link Between Gendered Violence and HIV/AIDS:  Black Women in South Africa Rutherford, B.
2007 Chao, Hui-Min Women in Cyakang Village Taiwan Keil, J.
2007 Kenny, Mary Ellen The Integration Experience of Somali Refugee Youth in Ottawa, Canada: “Failure is not an option for us” de la Gorgendière, L.
2007 Mohamed, Hodan Somali Single Mothers in Ottawa: Challenges and Opportunities of Resettlement and Implications on Health and Well-being Pylypa, J.
2007 Neelin, Lyndal Anglophone ‘habitus’ in the Making and un-Making of South African Apartheid Gose, P. & Keil, J.
2007 Nguyen, An Cyberculture from the East:  Japanese Rock Music Fans in North America Given, B.
2006 Ahmed, Kazi Afzal Formation of Identities of Bangladeshi Immigrants in Ottawa Rutherford, B. & Smith, D.
2006 Birch, Jennifer Public Archaeology and the Cultural Resource Management Industry in Southern Ontario Smith, D. & Pilon, J.L.
2006 Hanson, Natasha The contemporary Canadian Tattoo as Symbolic Adoption and Adaptation Given, B.
2006 Kanagasabapathy, Manivillie Post-War Identity Re-construction in Sri Lanka:  Negotiation of Gendered Identity between the Local and Diaspora Community Keil, J. & Rutherford, B.
2006 Lundy, Colin Wither Biodiversity, Whither Food Security?  Participatory Analyses of Mixed Cropping System With Adivasi Communities in India Chevalier, J.
2006 Lynk, Wendy Cultural Colour Construction:  A Case of the Pharmaceutical Industry Pollard, G.
2006 Nelson, Rodney L. Forget Bricks and Mortar, It’s about the People:  Views and Techniques of an Anthropologist in the Corporate World Smith, D.
2006 Prest, Leslie Erin Technopagans: Neopagans on the Internet and the Emergence of Virtual Communities Given, B.
2005 Belanger, Julie The Colombian Coca Industry and the Indigenous Movement:  Mediating the Effects of Fumigation, Displacement, and Violence Chevalier, J. & Rutherford, B.
2005 Kim, Elizabeth ‘Get a Life!’: An Anthropological Assessment of   Public Bioethical Debate Smith, D. & Thurtle, P.
2005 Loewen, David Imagining Prairie Community: The Settlement and Retention of South African Physicians in Rural Saskatchewan Rutherford, B. & Klausen, S.
2005 Louttit, Stanley Diabetes and Glimpses of a 21st Century Eeyou (Cree) Culture: Local Perspectives on Diet, Body Weight, Physical Activity and ‘Being’ Eeyou Among an Eeyou Youth Population of the Eeyou (Cree) Nation of Wemindji, Quebec Patrick, D.
2005 MacKinnon, Marianne Anthropology, Tourism and Protecting One’s Own:  The Ethics of Representing Polynesian Cultural Identity Keil, J.
2005 Varghese, Anupa Experiences of Displacement, Migration, and Settlement Among Afghans in Ottawa Given, B. & Keil, J.
2004 Baxter, Stephen An Anthropological Examination of the Reformation:  Egalitarianism Versus Hierarchy Keil, J.
2004 Elgersma, Dawn The Ritual Efficacy of Modern Dancesport Prattis, I.
2004 Friesen, Kathryn Constructing Refugees: A Case Study of the ‘Safe Third Country’ Agreement Given, B.
2004 Ghosh, Hasu Antecedents and Social Consequences of Type 2 Diabetes Among Urban First Nations People Especially Women, of Eastern Ontario: Western Science and Indigenous Perceptions Smith, D. & Keil, J.
2004 Gough, Meagan Repatriation as a Reflection of Sto:Lo  Cultural Values:  Tset Thayeltswem Te Lalem S’olh Etawtxw (We are building a House of Respect Blundell, V.
2004 Jendzjowsky, Lidia Memorializing Historical Imprints: Analysis of Historical Texts and Photographs at Kitselas, 1850-1930 Smith, D. & Laforet, A.
2004 Kingfisher, William Constructing Locality in Contemporary Canadian Blundell, V.
2004 McKay, Colleen Beyond the Rhetoric: Exploring the Reality of North – South Ngo Partnerships de la Gorgendière, L. & Rutherford, B.
2004 Roby, Nadja From Amateur to Professional: Placing Harlan I. Smith in the History of North American Anthropology Smith, D.
2004 Stinson, James Exploring a Middle Ground for Ecotourism Research:  A Stakeholder Analysis of the Indian Creek Trail Project in Belize Chevalier, J. & Rutherford, B.
2004 Turcotte, Manon Examining Information on Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS: THE Influence of Organisational Concepts on Counsellor Training Documents in Areas of High HIV Prevalence Chevalier, J. & de la Gorgendière, L.
Theses completed 1992 – 2003

M.A. Research Essays

Year Student Title Supervisor(s)
2021 Bogaski, Deanna Urban Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Sustainability: Breaking Boundaries and Binaries Patrick, D.
2020 Hersey, Emily A New Normal for Ethnography? Instagram as a Fieldsite and Decoloniality during COVID-19 and #BLM DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2020 Jacox, Travis The Canadian Settler Complex in the Era of Liberal Multiculturalism Abdo, N.
2020 Nasrat, Eman Performing an ‘Identity’ Influenced by Ancestry tests Rutherford, B.
2015 Vu, Lan Mothering in Transnational Context: Mediating through Dichotomies Given, B.
2014 Addelman, Carolyn Post-Hybrid Moments: An Anthropological approach to contemporary indigenous art Rosenblatt, D.
2014 Harron, Jennifer Sex Work in Canada: Practice, limitations, and ongoing debates Given, B.
2014 Pellerin, Julie Voices in Motion: Teaching through stories at Elsipogtog School DiNovelli-Lang, D.
2013 Lord, Courtney The Way Back: Psychiatry and the Treatment of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury from an Anthropological Perspective Leistle, B.
2010 Kirby, Christine Title not available Given, B.

M.A. Coursework

Year Student
2021 Bastin-Millar, Matthew
2021 Bruinsma, Tera
2021 Vargas, Alvaro
2021 Zamojski, Sydney
2020 Francis, Michaela
2020 Hine, Alexandra
2018 Cook, Stacey
2018 Yeo, Miranda
2017 Zafrin, Liza
2016 van den Kerkhof, Brenda
2015 Roddick, David
2014 Woodward, Jennifer
2013 Chen, Chih
2013 Hussain, Batoul
2013 Rutkowski, Sarah
2013 Sewell, Trevor
2010 Kemp, Amanda