The Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton offers two degrees in Anthropology:

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

The B.A. (Honours) program provides an intensive and in-depth program of study over a period of four years. At least 9.0 credits must be in Anthropology. The focus of our program is in socio-cultural anthropology, which includes fields such as anthropology of childhood, anthropology of gender, anthropology of indigeneity, development anthropology, economic anthropology, language and culture, medical anthropology, psychological anthropology, visual anthropology, and so on.

Required courses in the major introduce socio-cultural anthropology and set out the methods, theories, and uses of the discipline in understanding social and cultural life in different parts of the world and their potential interconnections. In the BA Honours degree in Anthropology students have the option to do an Honours Research Paper course (ANTH 4900) in which students demonstrate their anthropological knowledge and analytical skills in a major research essay on a topic of their choice, which may include ethnographic field research.

In addition to taking the above core courses, students select from a range of elective courses in Anthropology, including 1.0 credit in our “Ethnography Series”, which includes courses that examine the ethnography of particular socio-spatial contexts, such as the Anthropology of “mainstream” North America, Ethnography of Sub-Saharan Africa, Studies in Asian Societies, or Ethnography of Brazil. The program allows students to choose among a wide variety of topical courses, ranging from the study of human-animal relations, to race and ethnicity, language and symbols, material culture, and personhood. The Anthropology program also offers courses in the field of global studies such as The Global Middle Class, Children and Childhood in a Globalized World, Health and Globalization, Language, Culture and Globalization, and Ethnography, Gender, and Globalization. Several of our Faculty members also specialize in topics related to indigenous peoples, and teach various courses engaging with these issues.

Honours programs can be combined with other disciplines for a Combined B.A. (Honours) degree. In addition, students in other disciplines may choose to complete a Minor in Anthropology.

Bachelor of Arts (General)

The B.A. (General) is usually taken over three years. At least 6.0 credits must be in Sociology or Anthropology. Students take fewer core courses than in the Honours program and, in consultation with faculty advisers, students are free to tailor their program to suit their interests and career goals.

Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGINS)

Anthropology supports two Specializations within the Bachelor of Global and International Studies:

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Future opportunities

By studying Anthropology, students will better understand key issues pertaining to contemporary social and cultural life such as immigration, international development, religion, health, and gender, race, and class dynamics. Students undertaking a Bachelor of Art in Anthropology will acquire a substantive knowledge of the discipline as well as a strong set of transferable skills in research, group work, critical analysis, writing, and oral presentation that will enable them to apply their expertise in a wide range of fields on completion of the BA degree.

Some graduates apply their social sciences knowledge directly in research, teaching, policy development, or in personnel or correctional services. Others go on to careers in federal government departments such as Canadian International Development Agency, Canadian Heritage, and Indigenous and Northern Affairs. Many other graduates work in the fields of international development and community development, as researchers and analysts for non-governmental organizations, Indigenous organizations, and for Members of Parliament. At the municipal and regional levels, social sciences graduates are found in areas such as consultation, research, policy planning, and administration.

Graduates from the BA Honours program in Anthropology may also be eligible to go on to graduate studies in anthropology as well as a variety of fields, including development studies, Canadian studies, political economy, women’s studies, resource management, religious studies, and related fields. Anthropology could also be a strong foundation for a number of professional programs such as urban planning, medicine, teaching, and law.


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Anthropology Undergraduate Courses