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Winter 2018

Course Course Title Instructor Credit
SOCI 5104W Advanced Multivariate Analysis R. Tfaily 0.5
SOCI 5105W Selected Topics in Social Research: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods J. Kennelly 0.5
SOCI 5209W Sociology of Science and Technology M. Mopas 0.5
SOCI 5306W Cultural Studies M. Mopas 0.5
SOCI 5505W/PECO 5502W/PSCI 5502W Selected Problems in Political Economy II: Transdisciplinary Research: Political Economy & Political Ecology L. Llambi 0.5
SOCI 5804W Modern Marxist Theory J. Paulson 0.5
SOCI 5805W Selected Topics in Sociology
* Note, please contact the department regarding registration and course value
A. Shotwell 0.5*
SOCI 5806W/ANTH 5708W Selected Topics in Sociology: Engaged Social Research C. Dixon 0.5
SOCI 5809W The Logic of the Research Process J. Siltanen 0.5
SOCI 5900W Tutorial Various 0.5
SOCI 5900X Tutorial Various 0.5
SOCI 5906W Placement in Sociology N/A 0.5
SOCI 5908W M.A. Research Essay N/A 1.0
SOCI 5909W M.A. Thesis N/A 2.0
SOCI 6000W Doctoral Seminar J. Siltanen & A. Doyle 1.0
SOCI 6900W Tutorial Various 0.5
SOCI 6900X Tutorial Various 0.5
SOCI 6909W Ph.D. Thesis N/A 7.0